What is the One piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

‘Oh! I wish I’d known this when I started my career, ‘

 If only I could go back in time and change this thing about myself!’, 

‘The younger me has no clue what’s coming, I need to make a time machine, ASAP!’.

How many times have these thoughts come across your mind? (okay maybe not the last one :p). But seriously, Don’t we all think of going back in time to change certain things? Or change our reactions to those things? 

Happens every once in a while, right!? Well, time machine or not, at GreyB we learn from each other. A mistake by someone is a lesson not just for them but for their peers as well as for what you can call ‘the unique versions of themselves’ aka mentees.

So we asked some people at GreyB, ‘what advice would you give to your younger self who is just starting his career?’ 

When I heard their responses, some of them were the most amazing pieces of advice I have heard. Trust me, I am gonna carry them with me for life.

What are those life-changing pieces of advice, you wonder? Well, let’s have a look at a few of them and maybe some of them can inspire you too. 

SUB: What would be that one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self starting their career?

Varun Sharma, GreyB

Varun Sharma

Product Team Lead


Be aware of the motivation/intention behind your action, you were doing things that were not making you happy instead it was always to show to people.

Why is it important? Because if you are not happy you will not be able to keep people happy around you.

You will think that they did wrong to you, but take a pause and think through why someone will waste their opportunities to be with someone who is not aware of himself. Don’t make enemies, make friends that help you move forward.

Making a brand for yourself is important for you, if you remain connected to the small world you are exposed to, you will never grow, your identity will always be those few people and what they know about you, increase your exposure to bring in new learnings. This is not showing off, it is letting others know your value, otherwise how they are going to value you. Say things out loud.

Ask questions, make your own understanding.

Surbhi gautam, GreyB


Senior Research Analyst

Hi Surbhi,

I hope you are fine and giving your best at work. Quickly, I want to pass you a very important point. For a successful long run in your career, only hard work won’t do, you also have to act smartly. For this- 

  1. Start asking logical questions, don’t simply agree to anything that is said to you. 
  2. Communicate your problems to your seniors whenever you feel stuck somewhere. And, whenever, you will be given the opportunity to choose your mentee, choose very carefully. 

This will make a lot of difference. Good Luck!

Future Surbhi (time traveler)

Smiksha Sood, GreyB

Smiksha Sood

Senior Software Developer

Hi Young Samiksha,

I want to give you a piece of advice. You are very comfortable with your daily tasks as you complete them on time and it will hamper your growth. I have seen that you are enjoying working on current tools only and do not want to do new things.

Please do and be involved in other things as well. Take new challenges by yourself, tell your Managers to give you something new and challenging apart from daily tasks.

Also Smiksha, buy 10 Ethereum and 10 Bitcoins. I bet you will remember me in the future 😛

Kind Regards.


Senior Research Associate

Hi young PK,

As you are going to start your career, I would like to give you few tips –

I am pretty sure that this new phase will be very challenging and stressful, so try to be more open-minded and more expressive about your problems and you will see that all your stress is gone. Do not think about what others will say.

Navneet Kaur, GreyB


Team Lead

If you are doing a lot of things at work, keep a record of it, especially good things. Your managers/mentors might forget what good things you are doing, so you should keep a record of it. Sometimes negative/recent things overshadow what good you have done in the past. If you don’t do this, there’ll be a mismatch in expectation and you will realize this thing when you’ll go to appraisal discussions, and then it will be too late for you. 

Remember, not keeping a record of things will affect you the most. Don’t assume that my manager/mentor knows this thing already. You are responsible for your growth. Also, be transparent with your manager/mentor about why you are not able to do a particular thing, discuss how you can do it. Rather than waiting for feedback discussions arranged by your manager/mentor, you initiate the discussion and ask for the same.

Take care of yourself also along with your responsibilities. If you won’t be healthy, you won’t be able to do good at work or take care of your family. Self-care is very important.

Sukha Singh, GreyB

Sukha Singh

Team Lead

Hi Sukh,

One thing that I want to point out about you is your ADHD. You bounce too much, trying to do too much stuff. Most of the time little comes out of it. This will affect your career at some time. Guard your yes with life. Whenever you make a promise to someone, call the friends that you promise. Do the work that you promised. Otherwise, figure out what you should not promise. 

PS: Good thing- we have the library you dreamed about.

Jatin Bansal, GreyB

Jatin Bansal

Project Lead- Product Development

Hi young Jatin,

Feedback – I know as soon as you progress in your career, the word Feedback may sound like something negative is going to happen. That feedback every time happens only to highlight the mistakes that you made. But as your future self, let me tell you that the feedback is not only meant to be negative but it will also come as an opportunity where the good things that you did will also be celebrated and for the mistakes, it’ll ONLY help you to work on them and move forward at a pace faster than before. Do keep in mind that you’re in good hands and you’re where you always wanted to be. Your voice matters.

Investing – You’ll feel awkward to read that you in the future will start investing as well. I know, you will try to invest in crypto but won’t continue it. So, a word of advice (order actually), start investing NOW.

Good luck.

Tenzin Karma, GreyB


Senior Research Analyst

This is a message from the future:

In the next few years, (and even now, which you probably won’t realize) you will come across multiple instances which will bother you. Offend you. Basically, corrode your peace of mind.

And you will tend to solve everything by sticking to your guns, walking on the path you usually take, trying to do what you do best, even better.

Each of these action pointers will seem like the obvious choice to you because of 1. Convenience and 2. Because it’s probably all you know of how to react in such situations.

All these things need to change. It’s simple really, quoting your favorite example: people would have always wanted a faster horse and would not have thought about cars/planes. That is if someone didn’t change, sticking to their guns, walking on the path they usually took, trying to do what you do best, even better.

Simply put, here’s where you have to apply this:

  1. Instructions were given to you: Figure out WHY those are given. It will be difficult for you and others too at first. Because you are not vested in this approach.
  2. Ask others, do NOT go to the same source again and again. Diversity is good (if all your sources are credible).
  3. Have a good weekend activity to rejuvenate yourself SO YOU CAN GET BACK TO REVAMPING YOUR CONVENTIONAL APPROACH.
  4. Discuss more with senior people if the situation does not reach a resolution.
Akshay Agarwal, GreyB

Akshay Agarwal

Senior Research Analyst

Akshay here from 2021 (Yeah! I am a future version of yours). In these three years of our career, I learned a few things that I want to share with you and if you are able to grasp them then you will be at the top. 

First thing is that don’t accept anything just because your seniors are saying instead ask them why behind that. Also, I noticed in these years that you will be right at many places but you fear sharing them which will restrict you at so many places. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Keep in touch. 😉

Ishalli Garg, GreyB


Senior Product Developer

Hi Ishalli, 

Congratulations on your career start. 

Well, let me give you a piece of advice you might find useful later. Whatever or whomever you are investing into, don’t set your expectations too high from the other side. It can be for your first project or your relationship. And here I am not saying that you should not expect that your first project will go well. Instead, I am saying that don’t expect that you will definitely get praise from your manager for that project. Or don’t expect that your boyfriend will definitely plan a surprise party for your birthday.

If you need anything just ask for it or work to get it for yourself. Because anything you are investing in will give you one or other learning in return for sure. It can be directly or indirectly so don’t always expect something in return just go on doing things

Vaishali Shorey, GreyB


Senior Executive Human Resources

Hi Young Vaishali,

As you are going to step into a new phase of your life, I just want to give you a piece of learning that I learned the hard way. Don’t worry if you are a fresher or comparatively inexperienced, you are at a place where I have seen a year oldie voicing his thoughts and making the most of it. 

Make friends, gang along with people, steal their thoughts, and make them your own. It is OK to fail and keep committing mistakes than to not try for the fear of committing one. No one remembers your failures for a long time because everyone in GreyB is busy building their own strengths. You will be surrounded by a sense of oneness where everyone irrespective of their own chores is readily available to help one another. Also, 5 years down the line you yourself might not be able to recall what blunder you committed and who you got scolded by because the human brain is good at processing but equally poor at memorizing it. 


Navkiran GreyB


Senior research Analyst

Hi young Navkiran,
You need to stop blaming others for your mistakes. And also need to create a brand for yourself. How others perceive you is important. Image is equally important as the work you do. Take good care of it.

Sanjaeev Kumar, GreyB


Team Lead

Hi young Sanjeev, This is yourself texting from the future.

In this message, I want to share with you the mistakes I have done in the past that you will also do if you do not listen and reflect on this text.

-> World does not revolve around you. Nobody gives a shit what you do. Shrug the fear of what people will say or think. You are not a celebrity that people will talk or even think about.

-> Don’t try to make things perfect. Don’t overthink how it will look. What if I miss the X thing or the Y thing. JUST START IT and get the FEEDBACK and then IMPROVE. Don’t go in making things perfect on the first go.

-> Start reading books. The earlier you start the better it is for you.

-> Don’t just read books. Take some time out after reading a paragraph, page, or chapter and reflect on the things. And try to experiment with learning in your life. Only that way you can change your mindset.

-> Try to keep the remote of your feelings to yourself. You’ll suffer if you give the charge of feelings to others. I am still struggling with this.


Kushal, GreyB


Senior Research Analyst

Hi young Kushal,

Congratulations on starting your career in the research field. I  wanted to give you a tip before you start working on your career. you may question your abilities like you don’t know the correct way to present an idea or you don’t know the logic behind what you are saying. there is nothing to be ashamed of if you don’t know, just admit it and don’t take it on your self-conscious mind. Be normal and try to find its answer. 

Also, don’t go overboard on thinking that if one of your peers or colleagues knows more, just learn from everyone. Figure out their process of reaching that conclusion rather than using that conclusion directly. It will take time but you will learn. Don’t overthink trying to make everyone happy, focus on yourself first. In short, be with happy people. 

Meet you in future,


Ankush Samyal, GreyB

Ankush Samyal

Senior Research Analyst

Hi buddy,
I know you are an introvert, you don’t open up easily, I know you fear speaking in public and I know you underestimate yourself. But, this is your future self, writing to you and honestly speaking, these are the things that will stop your growth curve in life (be it any place you are at). Yes, it will.

So, I want you to be courageous, be strong, speak up in front of everyone (no one judges you twice), have the right attitude towards life and my favorite, believe in yourself no matter what others say about you, and will think about your personality. You can achieve it by doing that “one” thing you will follow full-heartedly and find that THING.

Just become that awesome Ankush Samyal that can bring a lot of difference in this world. Yes! it is true – YOU HAVE THAT POTENTIAL HIDDEN INSIDE YOU. Isn’t this your dream job?

You will become an awesome mentor. You can do it!


Ready with your own list of advice for your younger self? Hit the comment section with it, maybe we do make a time machine after all. And while you are at it, what are you gonna change in your present self after reading this? (I am holding on to my crypto for sure, all thanks to Smiksha, Jatin, and Sanjeev.)

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