These are the traits we look for in a GreyBian

Good news alert! Some time back, we celebrated the induction of the 2019 batch in our organization. We welcomed the new batch of trainees, who passed the training with flying colors into our teams and live projects. A milestone,  for both them and us.

To announce this induction, Arindam, Group Manager of Operations sent an email to all the trainees along with a brief reminder reiterating all the character traits we look for in our fellow teammates and the necessity behind cultivating such traits.

TBH, I feel it’s a wonderful list, which guides new joiners in an organization to imbibe the cultural DNA without much difficulty. After all, a square peg can never fit a round hole unless polished.

To cut to the chase, here’s the part of the email listing the attributes/traits we look for in our colleagues.

Be curious: In our line of work, every other day you will face new challenges [ranging from ‘difficult to understand technology’ to ‘difficult to communicate clients’] that will test your grit – being vigilant and keeping the kindle of finding your own solution lit can be the best asset for you.

Be creative: From finding insights to data/insight representation, evolve every day; don’t be stagnant – stagnancy is the first step towards becoming extinct. In GreyB we flourish and cherish creativity – the more creative you are, the more the job will be interesting for you.

Be Responsible/accountable: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, but still would like to fill in few caveats – if you are taking an emergency day off and not discussing the edits in project plan with your mentor, you are not being responsible [just informing is not taking responsibility]; if you are committing a timeline that you will submit a task by this day without evaluating the feasibility of that getting finished in time and later asking for extension, you are not being responsible [just committing something outrageous is not being responsible].

Be a team player: Day in and day out you will be working with the team and living with the team. The team is something of a second home here – something to look up to for feedback, for help. So, if you want to be a lone wolf that is your choice, but I bet you will enjoy the GreyB journey in the long run if you just be humble, open up and be a part of the team.

Be Authentic: I can’t stress enough how important this is – don’t be fake, don’t put away your emotions in your mind-cocoon, don’t hide actual reasons of you taking some action – just be truthful. It is the cornerstone of every healthy relationship.

Be a Share-junkie: You must have heard ‘sharing is caring’. It is sort of a mantra here, and putting everyday learning in discourse must have taught a thing or two about that. It’s time that you stay on this path going forward.

Lastly, one rule of thumb – Don’t be average at any point in your life and career.

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