5 Patents in Self-driving that could be threat to every automobile company

As innovation in self-driving technology is picking up the pace, acquiring the right patents can be crucial for IP managers to ensure their company stays ahead of the competition. But it isn’t as easy, and you already know that. 

Analyzing multiple patents and figuring out the best of the lot can get cumbersome. To make the process smoother for you,  this article covers the top 5 patents in the self-driving vehicle sector. These patents are blocking the patents of other high-value autonomous vehicle companies. Acquiring these patents can help you strengthen your patent portfolio and license them to companies working on similar technologies. Additionally, licensing these patents can save you from potential litigation battles if you wish to work on the same technology.

We have compiled this list from vast patent data using our in-house tool (BOS), which employs advanced algorithms to evaluate each patent’s value and significance. To further narrow the list, we manually analyzed each patent to see its value which finally led us to the top 10 patents in self-driving technology.

In this list, we have tried to provide a comprehensive report on the top 5 patents’ key features, technology coverage, and the top blocked assignees. If you wish to get the complete list of the top 10 most valuable patents in the self-driving vehicle sector, fill out the form below, and we’ll deliver it to your inbox.


Top 5 patents in self-driving technology blocking the maximum number of applications:

PatentCurrent AssigneeTitleBlocked assigneesTotal rejections (102 and 103 rejections)
US8849494B1Waymo LLCData selection by an autonomous vehicle for trajectory modificationBaidu USA| Mobileye vision technologies LTD| Tomtom alm bv | Xinctec Technologies LLC97
US9342074B2Google LLC 
Waymo LLC
Systems and methods for transitioning control of an autonomous vehicle to a driverGuggenheim credit services LLC| Uatc LLC| Joyson safety systems acquisition llc | Beijing voyager technology co ltd | Robert bosch gmbh 53
US8618922B2GM Global Technology Operations LLCMethod and system for ensuring operation of limited-ability autonomous driving vehiclesRobert bosch gmbh | Rockwell automation technologies inc | Subaru Corporation | Harman international industries51
US10532749B2Uatc LLCSystems and methods to adjust autonomous vehicle parameters in response to passenger feedbackMotional Ad LLC| Micron Technology | Micron semiconductor products inc | Gm global technology operations LLC| University of Massachusetts 39
US9983591B2Ford Global Technologies LLCAutonomous Driving at intersections based on perception dataRobert bosch gmbh | Allstate | Gm global technology operations LLC| Uatc LLC| Baidu online network technology Beijing Co LTD32
Source: BOS Database

We’re confident that our list of top patents in the self-driving vehicle sector will help patent portfolio managers identify valuable patents and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition. But wait, there’s more! 

Our in-house tool, BOS, doesn’t just stop at identifying valuable patents for acquisition. With just a few clicks, BOS can help you extract the value of your current patent portfolio by revealing which companies are being blocked by your patents. Armed with this knowledge, you can then monetize your portfolio accordingly. 

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Authored by: Sunidhi Sabharwal, Infringement Team

Edited by: Annie Sharma, Marketing Team

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