The State of Tobacco Industry 2023: Navigating through the FDA Regulations

The tobacco industry faces new regulations from the FDA, whether age verification or sustainability. Resultantly, companies are seeing renewed competition with the arrival of innovative new players in the electronic cigarette and vaporizer products market. 

As the competition heats up, R&D heads must stay on top of the latest industry trends. With exciting advancements and a dynamic landscape, the tobacco industry is ripe for exploration and analysis. So, what exactly are these innovation trends, and who are the trailblazers leading the charge?

Let’s take a look.

Our research found five breakthrough trends in the tobacco industry. These trends will change the state of the tobacco industry as we know it. Interested to know where the industry is headed and which game-changing companies are behind the wheel?

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How’s the Tobacco Industry shaping up?

After looking at various research activities, vision statements, forums, etc., in the tobacco industry, we found the following innovation trends that would revolutionize the industry- 

Trend 1: Age verification, a prerequisite to unlock vapes

Age Verification: A growing trend in the Tobacco Industry

As the FDA issues warning letters to retailers on sales of non-tobacco nicotine products to minors, age verification tech has become the need of the hour.

The Chinese players in the field, like Ningbo High Tech, suggest the application of facial features for validating a user’s age. 

On the other hand, tobacco giants like BAT and Philip Morris are integrating third-party service providers that will verify users’ ages.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how these companies restrict underage users.

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Trend 2: Personalization: The Future of Biometrics in Tobacco

Is Biometrics the future of the Tobacco Industry?

If you thought biometrics could only be used for Age verification. Think again!

With the latest developments, your pupil, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen concentration, and oxygen saturation can help your vape detect your mood. So, it can then recommend you the cartridge you need. 

JT’s research even suggests using tooth-print-based biometric systems.

This trend is bound to provide the user with an unmatched level of control, automation, and personalization.

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Trend 3: Microporous Ceramic filters will enhance the vaping experience

Will microporous ceramic filters enhance the vaping experience?

Quantity or Quality?

BAT has achieved both with Microporous Ceramic Filters.

Another company leading the innovation race for this tech, FEELM, specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-quality atomization devices.

Chinese Players like Zovoo, Eleaf, and HQD Tech are also working in this domain. This indicates a global interest in the field.

This confirms that we’ll soon get to see this tech in future tobacco devices.

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Trend 4: Eco-friendly Vapes- a leap towards Sustainability

Who is working on the sustainability of tobacco products?

KT&G uses vegetable seeds to develop biodegradable filters with traditional cigarette smoking characteristics.

Meanwhile, JT plans to use natural fibers like cotton, hemp, pulp, etc., for their filters.

Considering the current global emphasis on achieving sustainability targets, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay. And the competition in achieving sustainability goals will be fierce in the coming future.

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Trend 5: Vaping 2.0- a Smarter Future

How smart vapes will look like 5 years from now?

BAT’s recent research indicates that the company is developing aerosol devices equipped with both motion sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

On the other hand, Japan Tobacco is working on devices with optical sensors, specifically infrared (IR) sensors, for communication between a vape device and a smartphone. 

The competition to bring the smartest product in the market is on, with many contenders in the way.

It projects how the convergence of technologies like AI and smart sensors is changing how the tobacco industry will look in the years to come.

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These trends will help reshape the industry by making more user and environment-friendly tobacco products. As a result, companies in the tobacco industry are continuously working on these trends to stay on top.

Authored By: Prateek and Sushant, Patent Intelligence

Edited By: Ridhima Mahajan, Marketing

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