5 Sustainable Beverage Startups changing the world

The Drinks Industry Sustainability Index stated the beverage industry was ‘’considerably behind’’ with a score of 4.8 out of 10 in the strategies and practices followed by the beverage industry.

Now, the sustainable beverage market is not as huge as others. However, its scope is wide, and not just for startups but also for prominent beverage companies.

Our previous posts show that many startups work on sustainable food and packaging solutions. During our research for sustainable food startups, we also found a few startups working on sustainable beverage solutions. So, in this post, we will focus only on beverages.

Around 1 in 10 people in the US have diabetes, and nearly 70% of the global population is intolerant to lactose. Startups like Hapi Drinks and YoFiit are innovating to bring these numbers down and help consumers make more sustainable choices.

Our research team is watching the space closely to publish a complete guide on sustainability in the Food and Beverage Industry.

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Let’s see 5 sustainable beverage startups making sustainability more than a buzz with innovative solutions.

1. Uravu Labs

Total Funding Amount$2 Million
Top Investorsrocketship.vc, Speciale Invest, Anicut Capital
Innovative TechUses renewable water technology to generate high-quality drinking water.

What Innovative Technology is being used by Uravu Labs?

Renewable Water Technology – Uravu Labs is working on getting a patent (WO2022/074682 A1) for a 100% renewable water technology that uses renewable energy and moisture in the air to generate high-quality drinking water. 

Uravu Labs is developing a renewable-energy-powered ‘atmospheric water generator’. The company’s technique is different from other companies as it uses a desiccant, which is not only less resource and labor-intensive but also needs far less maintenance. (Source)(Source)

Uravu System Working Principle

Uravu System working principle

Solar Heat Powered

Uravu sustainable beverage startup

Industry Waste-Heat Powered

Uravu powered by waste-heat of industries

Biomass Waste Powered

Uravu- powered by Biomass Waste

Which Awards have been Received by Uravu?

Uravu Labs won the Renewable Energy Startup Awards at RE-INVEST 2018. (Source)

2. Remedy Organics

HQUnited States
Total Funding AmountUndisclosed
Top InvestorsChobani Food Incubator
Innovative TechMakes functional drinks from plants.

What Innovative Technology is being used by Remedy Organics?

Plant-Based Functional Wellness Beverages – Remedy Organics makes functional drinks such as wellness shakes and shots, entirely from plants. The products have multiple applications and are loaded with adaptogenic herbs, superfoods, and ayurvedic ingredients. As a result, they offer a variety of health and wellness benefits and are not just limited to general nutrition. 

Furthermore, they assist in the activation of the body’s self-healing ability. The products are devoid of gluten, dairy, soy, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The goal of the firm is to make it easy and affordable for everyone to get the functional nutrition they need. (Source)

“Good health starts with mindful nutrition, and when creating Golden Mind, I carefully selected the highest quality certified organic ingredients that work together synergistically with a focus on cognitive health. Golden Mind is a ready-to-drink beverage that delivers daily nutrition with functional benefits to fuel the day without compromising on incredible taste. I have always believed that healthy eating can and should taste great.”Cindy Kasindorf, Founder and Holistic Nutritionist, Remedy Organics. (Source)

Remedy Organics Product Range

Remedy organics sustainable beverage startups

Which Collaborations and Acquisitions were made by Remedy Organics?

In 2018, Remedy Organics partnered with PepsiCo, to gain access to some of the world’s leading specialists in sales, marketing, distribution, and innovation in the global beverage sector. Remedy Organics was chosen from a pool of hundreds of startups to join the PepsiCo Nutrition Greenhouse, which is transforming the food and beverage sector with more nutritional, natural, and sustainable products. The Nutrition Greenhouse was created to help Remedy Organics and the other nine food and beverage firms chosen for the program develop faster. (Source)

Which Awards have been Received by Remedy Organics?

  • Remedy Organics’ Berry Immunity drink won the Beverage Digest Awards 2020 in the Best Functional Drink Category. (Source)
  • Remedy Organics won the 2019 Mindful Award under the Beverages Category. (Source)

3. Brewbird

HQUnited States
Total Funding AmountUndisclosed
Top InvestorsSequoia Capital, Maveron
Innovative TechDevelops marketplace to scale specialty coffee

What Innovative Technology is being used by Brewbird?

Specialty Coffee Experience – Brewbird is building a sustainable future in coffee. it is in the process of developing a digital platform and marketplace to scale specialty coffee and assist roasters to flourish. The firm provides whole-bean pods in addition to its patented single-serve coffee maker. Fresh whole beans are ground and brewed as per the roaster requirements. The coffees come in 100% biodegradable single-serve pods for convenience. (Source)(Source)

Brew Bird sustainable beverage startups

4. YoFiit

Total Funding Amount$20K
Top InvestorsPepsiCo
Innovative TechOffers dairy items made from plants

What Innovative Technology is being used by YoFiit?

Plant-Based Milk and Snacks – The startup offers a variety of snack bars and granola items manufactured from plants. Its plant-based milk is prepared with pea protein, chickpeas, and flax oil. This milk does not contain any gums or sugars. YoFiit is a company that combines food technology with wellness by offering products that are not only low in sugar but also have additional health advantages. 

YoFiit’s probiotics bars are among the company’s signature products. In addition. These bars are made using probiotic strains that have been shown to have a positive effect on the body’s ability to absorb protein and carbohydrates. (Source)(Source)(Source)

YoFiit Product Range

Which Collaborations and Acquisitions were made by YoFiit?

In 2018, YoFiit was chosen along with nine other startups to collaborate with PepsiCo. The finalists were chosen based on their product and brand features, consumer nutrition emphasis, scalability of their business plan, and market originality. Further, PepsiCo mentors worked with startups on marketing, distribution, production, supply-chain management, packaging, label claims, and raising funds. It also discussed other issues concerning the company’s expansion. (Source)(Source)

In 2021, YoFiit, Avena Foods, and Roquette Canada collaborated with Protein Industries Canada (PIC) to overcome technological issues in the formulation of plant-based beverages, probiotic-rich yogurt, and other functional plant-based alternatives. The primary goal of this collaboration was to preserve nutritional equivalence to animal-based products while reaching higher functionality than present consumer packaged goods items. YoFiit pioneered the development of revolutionary food manufacturing techniques and products. (Source)

In 2022, Global Food and Ingredients Inc. acquired YoFiit for an undisclosed amount. 

According to Marie Amazan, Founder of YoFiit, “YoFiit has major expansion plans into the US market and across Canada, while also developing new plant-based products that will fill the nutrition and taste gaps in the marketplace.  We are excited to join GFI to accelerate these plans and use GFI’s platform to connect our plant-based ingredients needs right to the farm level.” (Source)

5. Hapi Drinks

HQUnited States
Total Funding Amount$2.4 Million
Top Investors
Innovative TechOffers sugar-free beverages for children

What Innovative Technology is being used by Hapi Drinks?

Sugar-free Children’s Drink – Hapi Drinks offers beverages that are 100% natural and free of sugar. These beverages help prevent obesity in children, Type II diabetes, and tooth damage that is caused by sugar. The beverages are not only sugar-free but also full of vitamin C, about 90% of the daily recommended dose, and only utilize natural components. (Source)(Source)(Source)

Hapi Drinks vs. Competitors

Hapi Sustainable Beverage Startups

Which Collaborations and Acquisitions were made by Hapi Drinks?

In 2018, Hapi Drinks was chosen along with nine other startups to collaborate with PepsiCo. PepsiCo mentors worked with startups on marketing, distribution, production, supply-chain management, packaging, label claims, and raising funds. It also discussed other issues concerning the company’s expansion. PepsiCo awarded $20,000 to Hapi Drinks and the other nine finalists. PepsiCo chose Hapi Drinks as the winner of a $100,000 grant in 2019. The ten businesses increased their revenues by 200% on average during the six-month program.

“Hapi Water demonstrated all the core aspects of what the Nutrition Greenhouse stands for: collaboration, nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, and strategic business acceleration. Karsten and his team were outstanding partners, working with their mentors to truly focus on driving the business forward.”, said Daniel Grubbs, Managing Director of the PepsiCo Ventures Group. (Source)(Source)


Water is necessary for human lives and all living beings. According to Unicef, 2.2 billion people lack clean drinking water worldwide; by 2025, the number could grow to 1.8 billion. 

We don’t need a genius to figure out the core problem and the importance of sustainable resources for drinkable water. 

Uravu Labs’ solution could help solve this problem to some extent. However, as a startup, it still needs to be more reliable and efficient so it can serve millions of people. 

These startups are innovative as they solve global issues affecting billions of people. It’ll be interesting to see what other sustainable beverage startups bring. 

Authored By: Vipin Singh, Market Research

Edited By: Nidhi, Marketing

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