Story of Gourab Dipta Ghosh and GreyB

This is an email that we got from one of our apprentices some time ago.  To give you a brief, we run the apprentice program every year to train people whom we hire through college placements. The training goes on along with their last semester in the respective colleges. While the induction takes place every year with the same level of excitement, we also get such emails which make the goodbyes harder. We wish you all the best for your future Gourab. Rise and shine always.

Today I would like to take out some time and share my story with you. My father had a smooth running business once and was quite settled in life. Even in his prime time, the least I can say is that he never stopped being humble and kind to the people who surrounded him. But then, there are ups and downs in any business and so had my father. When I was growing up, his business took a free fall and he was bankrupt.

When I was grown up enough to understand this situation, there were left no relatives of mine who never reminded me that I need to be stable and support my dad. I grew up in those tough times and each and everyday I kept reminding myself the same. For the last 10 odd years, the bulk of my education expenditures were taken care of by my family members, and by family members I mean my paternal uncle, aunts, my maternal aunts and even my own brother in law. In my dad’s tough times, he got the family’s support thanks to all the good deeds he had done when he had the chance. Recently his position improved and he is back on his own feet.

14th September 2018 was a memorable day for me. My red letter day. A certain company named GreyB came for recruitment at our college and beating all the odds, I made it to the GreyB team. “Work hard, party harder” is something I will remember for the rest of my life. With passing of time, I got to know you all – my to be seniors or should I say my friends? I enjoyed every bit of the pretty small journey I have sailed on this ship. It started with a seminar, then came the assignments and activities and many more seminars followed. Everyone were so supportive to me, I can’t express in words.

But then came another day in my life- 15th March 2019. I appeared for GATE (mostly because my parents wanted me to appear for it more than I did). On that day, I got my results. Out of 99,932 Computer Science and Information Technology students who appeared for the exam, I secured an All India Rank of 81. I scored better than 99.91% of my competitors. My family became really proud of my efforts and acknowledged the same.

Yesterday night, I got another news. The number 1 ranked institute in India, IISC Bangalore, for pursuing Master’s in technological field, I got an offer letter from their side which stated that I was selected to join their Artificial Intelligence course. I might get some more offers from other prime IITs as well in the coming days, but yesterday’s offer letter meant that I do have a seat reserved for me in one of the class rooms of the prime institutes of India to pursue my Master’s degree. If only I could have been at two different places at the same time, it would have been ideal for me. But it’s not that way.

I guess this is where we need to part ways and I am finding it really difficult saying it. Yes, I never met you guys in person but all the fun we had, all the work I was assigned, these were so special to me that I don’t want to let this opportunity go. But I have to.

I do really hope our ways meet someday soon. I hope I can work with team GreyB someday, my first company, my first job. You will be missed.

Your’s sincerely,
Gourab Dipta Ghosh
(GreyBian by heart, forever)

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