Insider’s Guide: How to Profit from the Solid-State Battery Patent Buying Data?

Toyota has made a significant claim about a “technological breakthrough” that could enable the Japanese automaker to halve solid-state batteries (SSB)’ size, weight, and production cost.

The news took the battery industry by storm, and holding the most patents in this domain, there is no doubt that this Japanese player would dominate the market. However, another contender has been consistently making headlines in the industry – Quantumscape.

While Asian companies are the major patent holders in solid-state batteries, Quantumscape has put the US on the map.

Additionally, when we investigated the patent buying data, it revealed players like Johnson Matthey Hydrogen Technologies and Cellcentric from the UK buying the solid-state battery patent actively – making them one of the contenders in the domain. 

These players may not reach the first page when searching for top competitors in the solid-state battery industry. But, surprisingly, the patent acquisition data puts them at the forefront. 

In the dynamic landscape of Solid-State Battery innovation, patent acquisition data provides invaluable insights and offers a competitive edge.

Understanding the landscape of patent buyers within a domain not only facilitates the tracking of established competitors but also uncovers emerging forces and prospective collaborators. In this analysis, we’ll see how.

Top 10 Patent Buyers in Solid State Battery Domain

The table below lists the top 10 companies leading the patent acquisitions for solid-state batteries between 2021 and 2023.

Patent Buying CompaniesPatents Bought (2021-2023)

The complete list reveals new patent buyers in the SSB domain, such as Fuel Cell Technology in Sweden. By keeping an eye on such players, you can equip yourself with the right insights to stay ahead of the game, track any new innovations that may arise, and overcome any challenges that come your way.

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Action Points

The worldwide automotive industry aims to adopt all-solid-state batteries, increasing demand for cutting-edge battery technologies. In this context, using patent-buying data is a strategic decision and necessary to enhance your position in the domain. Depending on your next business move, here is how you can leverage this patent-buying data.

Competitive Insights

When it comes to thriving in an innovative environment, it’s crucial to understand how the top players strategically position themselves. Therefore, we utilize patent buying data to conduct comprehensive competitive analyses to help you effectively compete in this dynamic industry of solid-state batteries. This involves examining the patent portfolios held by industry giants to gain a profound understanding of the technology they have accumulated and the specific challenges they are actively addressing.

By dissecting this patent-buying data, we gain invaluable insights into the competitive landscape, enabling us to provide actionable intelligence. Eventually, you can anticipate the strategic moves of these top players, align your own research and development strategies accordingly, and identify promising areas for investment and growth.

While studying hundreds of patents from a competitor can be challenging, with Slate’s competitive analysis, it becomes much easier.

Using Slate, you can get answers to some of the most critical answers of competitive analysis, such as:

What challenges are your rivals tackling head-on? What cutting-edge technologies are they quietly pioneering? How much should you reinvest in fortifying your patent portfolio? 

Armed with this knowledge, you can anticipate your competitor’s next moves, align your research and development strategies accordingly, and invest in areas with high growth potential.

Locating the right Patent Buyers for your Solid State battery Patents – Increasing Patent Value:

Monetizing patents is a strategic pursuit, but maximizing their value presents a unique set of challenges, such as market demand, timing, market saturation, marketplace competition, and litigation risks. Thus, before seeking the right buyer, it’s imperative to focus on increasing the value of your patents. The key lies in optimizing your patent assets, refining patent claims, and bolstering your overall intellectual property strategy.

Eventually, our patent-buying data provides a valuable shortcut to your exit strategy. This data encapsulates the behaviors and interests of top institutes and companies actively acquiring solid-state battery patents. These are the players with a genuine appetite for innovation in this domain.

By aligning your patent assets with the interests of these industry leaders, you not only enhance the appeal of your patents but also create a pathway to a swift and advantageous exit from the domain.


As the competition intensifies in the solid-state battery domain, more players will make the headlines, and many are already working in the shadows. These emerging companies may hold the keys to breakthrough technologies or novel solutions that could give you a competitive edge.

By not keeping a vigilant eye on emerging players, you risk missing out on potential collaborations, partnerships, or investment opportunities that could propel your own endeavors forward. 

Additionally, these newcomers may have the potential to disrupt the status quo, and by not staying informed and engaged, you will fall behind in the race to innovation.

All in all, figuring out your next goal with a promising ROI requires extensive research into the solid-state battery and the EV domain. This is precisely where GreyB’s comprehensive technology and innovation landscape expertise comes into play. 

Define your next business move in solid-state battery innovation using our extensive research. Click the button below and request a landscape study today.

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Authored By: Annie Sharma, Marketing Team

Insights By: Jogeshwar Singh, Product-Development Team

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