GreyB’s Got Talent

Searching prior art isn’t the only art where Nilesh has a mastery at. He is a poet and a person with enormous knowledge of World History. Here is one of his beautiful composition, Safar, that will touch and shake your emotions in a gentle manner.

Besides performing the most dedicated landscape analysis day and night, she captures the most magnificent landscapes through her lens. Priya has a hidden love for nature and photography with an emotional connection with all her captured masterpieces. Here are some of them.
“It’s been years now,
Since I’ve been here.
Years I call them,
Dreams they still seem.
I do remember how then
Her voice had stayed with me,
And for one eve after the other,
I had stayed.
And now, I have grown,
And now, I have known,
To cradle my folds to sleep,
To murmur back to the winds
When it rains.” – Priya Vashishth

The always smiling Excel master of GreyB composes poetry whenever he is not helping others through his excel super formulas. Presenting Sukha as he takes you on a beautiful ride of his expressions embedded in the form of words.

** Tanny **
You are the one,
With whom a moon will find the sun,
For putting his life on run,
And finishing all the undone,
The way you speak,
your care when I am week,
Put the respect for you at the peak,
Which can’t be reached,
Sincerity and beauty
With emotions all saluting,
force my pen to write on you,
as your are the one giving hope to one new,
You closed many caves,
who provided you those black days,
answering everyone with results,
Gifting them their desired insults,
Might have been very difficult for you,
but at last you termed every one blue,
your efforts were more,
That’s y you scored,
walked on every broken road,
For getting some rank in board,
your love towards God,
That affection with your father,
will lighten up all the heavy loads,
For letting you move further,
You have broken every shackle,
And have tackle,
all the weird situations of your life,
With the statement you can survive,
So now it’s the time,
To write one more rhyme,
To make that sign,
Raise up and shine,
Take up your patience,
catch up that hard work,
For rising up your designation,
And providing worth to your birth,
Go and answer everyone,
that you are not less than son,
Make every mother proud,
for letting them sing and shout loud,
She is my kid,
Who handled my pains,
And now I will keep her on my eye lid,
For removing all her stains,
This is a little poem specially for you,
As you are the one I have got something new,
A lot to understand,
with girl like you on this land,
So prove everything wrong in this raining lies,
And keep up your name up in every thrown dice…
-Sukh Rathore

Techie by education, marketer by profession, and a true artist from the heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, please have a round of applause for (curtain rolling) none other but Kanika Sharma.

Kanika, besides an author, poet, and actress, is there any other hidden talent that you would like us to know?

Singing sensation of GreyB and a newly turned poser Aditi Dubey is here to stun you all with her beautiful gestures.

Photogenic? Nah! She’s picturesque in herself.

It’s a Sunday throwback to our offsite when she sang all her heart out and won the talent hunt competition. Here’s a glimpse of the photo shoot she was gifted by Chakshu.

The machine gun of GreyB.

Someone who is definitely going to beat everyone in the fastest-finger-first, every single time. Not only this, he effortlessly creates elegant calligraphy designs that you’ll confuse them for the printed letters. Reach out to him any time with a blank sheet and he’ll bring life to your quotes with his magic pen.

If you know him, you might have guessed already. Presenting the logical powerhouse and a great artist Mahesh:

The code was long and difficult. He just thought to take a little break and get back to the work with a bang.

Just when he was about to take a power nap, an empty sheet attracted him. He grabbed a pencil, placed the sheet in front and drew his most beautiful imagination.

Presenting Ujwal Sasikumar, a passionate artist who loves recreating his favorite things around through sketches and they’re surely a treat to the eyes.

We collected some of his masterpieces.


Meet this avid gamer Aadesh Srivastava from the team Infringement.

His Counter Strike’s stats speak for him:

Game alias: Master Cheif
Kills: 76,063 Kills
Time played: 2043 hours
Headshots: 32,666 Headshots
Favorite weapon: AWP (sniper rifle)

If you want to know how to be laser focused and consistent, just ask him how he manages to continue his gaming routine every single day after office.

Afterall, passion takes you places!!

This extremely passionate bike rider surely knows how to pull off the best portraits and click pictures right at the moment.
Presenting our in-house DJ and Bhangra dancer Gaurav Dhiman.
Without wasting even a single minute, have a look at his artistic pieces.

The increasing desire to find the most relevant prior art is testing every bit of his determination. Thinking that a cup of tea can give him a break, he gets up from his desk, picks up the phone, and is just about to go outside to get refreshed.

Wait! Something is stopping him.

What is it? Maybe a face so perfect that got him stuck right there.

So what does he do next? He gathers his memory and brings it to life in the form of a portrait. He is sketching his mind, one face at a time. His portraits say a thousand words so he doesn’t have to.

Do you want to know who those faces are? Have a look at Anupam Dixit’s art pieces.

PS: You know whom to contact for your portraits now! (Perks of having talented colleagues around)

A loud Punjabi song calls for equally loud and refreshing Bhangra when you just forget about the world and dance to the beats.
Ever tried it in a public park and saw the reactions of people around?
You need to ask this guy here, Amit Singh, that how he manages to choreograph his moves every evening and inspires a good bunch of people walking around.

PS: If you want something different, you’ve gotta do something different.

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