List of 100 Patent Brokers From Different Countries

So, you’re here. You probably want to sell your patents, or maybe you are looking to buy more. Whatever the case might be, you landed on the right page.

A lot of our clients finds themselves in similar situations where they are looking for ways to improve the quality of their patent portfolio either by buying more high-quality patents or by getting rid of the less ROI patents or the patent that are no longer useful for them.

It often leads to the quest of searching for brokerage firms or patent marketplaces that can help them in their voyage; which not only takes a lot of their time but often leaves them with not enough options to choose from and settle on whatever a simple Google search brings.

So to make their and your search easy, we compiled this list of 100 patent brokers from different countries that can help you evaluate, and sell or buy patent assets. Previously, we also published a list of 22 patent marketplaces

This list is going to stay useful for you for a long time so why not save it for offline use? or for sharing ahead with your colleagues? Considering this, we also converted this entire list in PDF form with contact information which you can download using the form below (It’s also print friendly):

Sr.No.Firm NameContact PersonWebsiteCountry
11624 CapitalDavid Foster
2AccordiaIPIan Maxwell
3Acorn TechnologiesJoe Daniele
4Adapt IP VenturesGrant Moss
5AQUA Licensing LLCMark McMillan
6ASTRussell Binns
7Beijing YOUQI Law FirmGaoping Ma
8Berggren BrokerageMika Lehtinen
9Blackhawk Technologies, LLC
10BlakesRob Granatstein
11Blue Sage Enterprises
12Cascades Ventures
14ClearViewIPJosue Ortiz
15CraskeStephen Craske
16Crown Point TransactionsAndrew Hein
17DennemeyerDr. Reinhold Nowak
18Drakes Bay Company LLCJoseph Jennings
19Epicenter IP GroupRon Epstein
20Ever EdgeFrancis Rushford
21First Thought IPMark Milhench
22General Patent CorporationAlexander I. Poltorakhttp://www.generalpatent.comUS
23Global IP Law GroupDavid Berten
24GTT GroupAndrew Godsey
25Hilco StreambankGabe Fried
26Hoffman Patent FirmLouis J. Hoffmanhttp://www.valuablepatents.comUS
27HTSJeff Carter
28Hulsey PCPrince Garg
29i2EquityDerek Nuhn
30IAM MarketJohn Eborall

Daniel Cole

Hong Kong
31ICAP Patent BrokeragePaul Greco
32ICEBERG IP GroupJonathan Green

33ILGBruce Scott
34Intellectual Asset Group (IAG)
35Intellectual ProfitJoe Imhof
36IntraCom Group
37Investors IPODan A. Stalfire
38IP Broker
39IP Engineering Group CorporationMaria Hansen
40IP Holdings LLChttp://ip-holdings.comUS
41IP Investments GroupMichael McLaughlin
42IP OfferingsAlec Schibanoff
43IP Pioneer GroupChan Ho Kim Korea
44IP Research GroupSiva Manoharan
45IPEG Consultancy
46IperativeJonathan Lawe Davies
47IPHarbor Ventures LLCPeter Richmond
48IPTraderKent Livingston
49IPValueGeorge Park
50KanzatecFeisal (Fas) Mosleh
51KapeaPer Wendin
52Langham IP BrokersFiona Hudson-Langham
53Marks & ClerkSimmi Mangat
54Mensch CapitalKarl Maersch
55Mid-Atlantic IP Group, LLCChuck Lobsenz
56MiiCs & PartnersY. P. Jou
57Munich Innovation GroupWolfgang Maennel
58N&G ConsultingPaolo Foá
59New England IPRichard Baker
60Ocean TomoRyan Zurek
61OslerClark Holden
62OTI.comDean Becker
63ParallelNorthIPAnders Arvidsson
64Patent Agent IP
65Patent Law Professionals PCWilliam (Bill) E. Winters
66Patent Monetization Inc.Paul Cannata
67Patent Profit InternationalWill Plut
68PatentBridge LLCMark Holmes
69PJ Parker & Co.Philip Parker
70PluritasRob Aronoff
71Powell Gilbert
72Pro IPDatin Mahani Mahbob
73Prognosis IPBrian Yates
74Quinn PacificIan Watson
75Red Chalk GroupLeah Christoforidis
76Reydoog LtdIan Goodyer
77RimonKenneth B. Anderson
78Rogelberg Consulting CompanyGordon Rogelberg
79RouseStuart Adams
81RSL Holdings
82Rui Zhi Ventures Limited (RZV)Gustavo Aray
83Sherpa Technology GroupKevin Rivette
84Siskin Capital LtdAndrew James
85Smart & BiggarDaniel Anthony
86Soryn IP GroupMichael Gulliford
87SynpatUzi Aloush
88Tangible IP, LLCLouis Carbonneau
89TechInsights (Semiconductor Insights)John Kumhyr
90The O’Shea FirmMichael O’Shea
91ThinkFireChris Sommers
92Toler Law Group, PCJeff Toler
93Trademarks Patents Lawyer
95TrueNorth IPJim Trueman
96TynaxDavid Smith
97Vibrant IPJason Rogers
98Western IP LawSteven Rinehart
99WisproAileen Chang
100Yusarn AudreyAudrey Yap Su Ming

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