Patent Ranking Engine

Know how much your patent is worth.

GreyB IP Analytics

GreyB IP Analytics tool is built on the idea that investigations on patent landscape can be more intuitive, accurate and efficient.

GreyB Projects

GreyB Projects facilitates the clients to monitor their projects status with interim’s, deliverable`s and discussions.

Meta Search Engine

GreyB Matrix helps to analyze all the Non-Patent Literature from multiple known data sources simultaneously.

Translated Claims

Translated Claims: This helps you to understand the technologies that are not or never published in English language. Now Language is not the barrier for our clients.

USPTO Taxonomy Tree

USPTO Taxonomy tree is generated after analyzing the patents technology domain.

BOS – Business Opportunities for Sales


BOS provides a central repository of your patents/pending applications that have prevented other assignees to get a grant on their pending applications. It presents all of the blocked assignees,  and lets you focus on non-aggressive patent monetization strategies.

Patent Tracker


Get patent maintenance, transactions, & assignments alerts instantly in your inbox. Keep a close watch on yours and your competitor’s patents.

FIT – Filing Impediment Tracker


FIT is your one step solution to unclog your prosecution pipeline by finding the stuck applications. Fit gives you better clarity of your pending application portfolio and offers you strategies to make your prosecution process fast and smooth.

Lack of clarity about which applications are stuck in a rejection-response loop and which applications have reached a dead end, can take a toll on your time and budget. FIT helps you break that rejection-response loop and get rid of the hiccups clogging your prosecution pipeline.

Reassignment Tracker

As IP is gaining increased importance to the business strategies, Reassignment Tracker helps you track the assignment related activities of the publications, it can help you answer business questions like:

• Predicting which big players from other industry could enter into your industry
• Detecting litigation threat from PAE
• Forecast regarding upcoming competition
• Why your competition is selling their patents?


NEO – An Intelligent tool for patent researchers

NEO: An Intelligent Patent Research Tool by GreyB

NEO is a tool that reads technical information like a researcher. Through deep machine learning and contextual pattern matching it unravels hidden concepts that current tools fail to capture. It helps researchers identifying similar words for shortlisting patents.

For example, you want to extract a set of patents on “Bluetooth” technology. We will need the synonyms of Bluetooth or similar technologies used in patents to get a relevant set of patents. That’s where NEO comes in. It understands the terminologies and suggest other keywords/synonyms used to describe Bluetooth in patents.

Assignee Analysis

Assignee anslysis helps you track down the key tech area where companies are innovating and is filing patents. It also allows you to know the application status.


GreyB IP Analytics

GreyB IP Analytics tool is built on the idea that investigations on patent landscape can be more intuitive, accurate and efficient.

for savvy IP managers

Full control on how to view patent clusters – slice and dice the patent data the way you like it. A “download” function to help you prepare your analysis for legal, financial and business goals.

for business managers

Remove clutter and save time with no-nonsense, pre-defined landscape insights to get answers for your business strategy meetings.


GreyB Examiner Analysis

Provides answers to the strategic question based on complex data.

  • Understand the examination pattern
  • Understand how difficult an art unit/examiner tends to be
  • Be in a better position to take next steps during patent prosecution
  • Back your decisions with sufficient data
  • Know the favorable GAUs for your application with the Art Unit Predictor

Patent Ranking Engine

Know how much your patent is worth.

After analyzing millions of patents manually (3M+ to be precise) in the last 10 years, we figured out that our algorithm of evaluating the patents has become very powerful. Then we had an idea: why not apply this algo and rank all the patents in the US! That’s how the Patent Ranking Engine was born.

Now anyone can perform an evaluation of their patents and know its rank at the click of a button. Isn’t it amazing?

University Insight

For IP/Business Heads and Monetization Managers/Patent Transactors


University Insights provide indication for research collaboration opportunities and licensing potential of universities. It can give you a quick peek to universities’ patent portfolio and indicates patents with high infringement potential.

GreyB Projects

Our project management application extends this interface for our clients to track the status of their projects, share documents, organize deliverables and interact with our delivery team. This is not all. Our clients tell us that this application has helped their internal teams streamline projects very effectively.


USPTO Taxonomy Tree


USPTO Taxonomy tree is generated after analyzing the patents technology domain along with the number of applications currently ingested.

GreyB Matrix

GreyB Matrix is a strong knowledge base of non-patent literature that covers millions of research papers, academic journals, PhD theses, product guides, user manuals, etc.


IDS Manager

Effective Management of IDS for your Portfolio through Automation

  • Efficient tracking of references and risk reduction (what’s been cited/not yet cited)
  • Timely alerts for the applications for which IDS have not been filed
  • Automated bibliographic details and PDF of references Download to be submitted with the IDS
  • Automatically retrieved English counter parts for the non-English references

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