Donal O’ Connell

Donal is based in the United Kingdom and is part of GreyB’s IP-Strategy team which crafts and executes Intellectual Property Consulting projects. Apart from this, he is also the Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services.

He was formerly VP of R&D and a Director of IP at Nokia.

In the US, Donal managed Nokia’s R&D in Texas from ’97 to ’03, growing the site from scratch by recruiting and developing more than 600 engineers as well as developing and launching many successful products.

More recently, from ’03 to ’09 Donal was a Director of IP at Nokia. He led Nokia’s Patent Creation team and during this time period, successfully managed a number of major change projects. As well as being responsible for the creation of new patents, his team also had responsibility for 3rd party patent risk mitigation, IP Agent network management, and IP processes, systems and tools.

In the recent past, Donal has managed a multitude of clients in various fields. The most notable being – some leading Universities, a global IP service provider, some major IP Firms, a global telecom company, a compliance firm, some global chemical companies, a global food and beverages company, a global heavy engineering company, one of the big four financial services companies plus a variety of SMEs.

The projects have included:

  • IP process development
  • Corporate IP department auditing
  • IP strategy development
  • Benchmarking across a variety of IP topics
  • Helping with IP Agent management
  • IP Risk Management
  • MBA course lectures
  • research into NPEs
  • Addressing work backlog within a corporate IP dept
  • Offering guidance on the outsourcing of various IP tasks
  • Helping solve IP data management system issues
  • Auditing a company’s compliance as part of an M&A deal
  • Educating a company about IP portfolio management,
  • Basic IP and IP management training and more.