Special gift on Mother’s Day

Many a time we become spellbound when we have to explain how do we feel about someone or something. And you will agree to the fact that it becomes even tougher when that someone is your dad.

When you are hundreds of miles away from you home, you miss everything. You miss your mom, the food she cooks, those hugs, scolding of your dad, fights with your siblings, pulling hair of your sister………..

But how many time you let them know the way you feel? You suppress that “I miss you, dad” or “though you are annoying but I miss you more than anything, Sis!”

So we thought of putting an end of this suppress thing. All of us got antique postcards (Thanks to Pooja!), jotted down our feelings, put the address and sent that via Indian Post to our places where people who are so dear to us live!

Have a look at few of the emotions incarnated as words in the images below!

PS: If while reading this, you missed someone so close – mom, dad, sibling, grandparents, you know very well what you have to do!

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