GreyB’s Sports League

Basketball and cricket. Two different games requiring different skills. The amount of dedication, dignity, companionship, and inspiration, however, remains the same.

A gesture by the opponents to acknowledge the efforts of the winning team towards the end of the game or maybe when you witness a growing brotherhood with every match. Finally, it’s the day you embrace after putting all your sweat in a challenging game.

This is what we call sportsmanship! This is a trait you will find in DNA – Team belongingness, balanced efforts, learning from every failure, and a never give up attitude – of every GreyBian.

So, we thought let’s go out on the fields and play our heart out. Some of us were totally engrossed in the action while the rest in cheering up. Have a look at these talking pictures giving us 101% sporty vibes. What a treat to look at the athletic glow all around. Such enthusiasm, much vow.

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