7 Startups Innovating EV Charging Technology

“The global electric vehicle charging station market size is projected to grow from 2,354 thousand units in 2022 to 14,623 thousand units by 2027, at a CAGR of 44.1%.”

In the previous post, we discussed startups working on EV Battery technologies. The boost in battery innovation also invites innovation in the EV Charging technology, as fast charging and related infrastructure become major requirements for EV consumers.

And it isn’t just the big companies that are making it huge in the market. From mobile minivan power stations to semi-permanent, portable charging infrastructure systems – even recent startups are ready to take the world by storm.

  • Which startups are we talking about? 
  • Are they open to collaboration? 
  • What type of solution are they bringing to the market? 
  • How many patents have they filed? 
25 EV Charging Startups

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Here are the 7 Startups working in EV Charging:

1. L-Charge

Website https://l-charge.org/
HQ United States
Total Funding Amount $1.5 Million
Investors Igor Sokolov, Maxim Sokolov

What makes L-Charge different from other EV Charging Startups?

Clean Fuel Powered Off-Grid EV Charger – For the chargers, L-Charge employs the cleanest fuel types available: LNG (liquid natural gas), LNG/H2 blend (the ratio varies depending on regulations and fuel prices), or pure H2. The most efficient option to supply power on-site is to use LNG or an LNG/H2 combination instead of connecting to the power grid. (Source)

Which Innovative Products/Services does L-Charge offer?

Mobile – Mobile EV charger is a mobile minivan power station that can travel about a city and charge electric vehicles as needed. The chargers can charge up to 48 electric cars per day and can charge any electric car in 10-20 minutes. It generates 1440 kWh of electricity every day. (Source)(Source)

Stationary – Stationary EV charger is a stationary off-grid fast charger having a charging capacity of up to 600kW and can charge around 288 vehicles every day. The stationary version can be deployed in any location and generates additional revenue by powering the grid during peak hours. (Source)

Which Awards have been received by L-Charge?

L-Charge received The Communitas Award for sustainability in 2021 for the initiative “Green Tour Over Europe”. (Source)

2. GBatteries

Website https://www.gbatteries.com/
HQ Canada
Total Funding Amount $3.9 Million
Investors Breakthrough Energy Solutions Canada, Airbus Ventures, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Density Ventures

What makes GBatteries different from other EV Charging Startups?

Adaptive Pulse Charging Algorithm – The company’s adaptive pulse charging technique functions in lower impedance periods. As a result, the batteries do not overheat while charging ultra-fast, – which is a much faster alternative to Conventional Charging (CCCV). (Source)(Source)

ChargeSense – ChargeSense is a patented, completely adaptable, self-learning algorithm that develops complicated charging pulse patterns based on real-time monitoring and assessment of a battery’s internal condition. In real-time, unique charge profiles are developed relying on battery response signatures, resulting in a significant drop in irreversible chemical reactions. (Source)

What Innovative Products/Services does GBatteries offer?

ChargeSense – It is a completely adaptable and self-learning algorithm that develops complicated charging pulse patterns based on real-time monitoring and assessment of a battery’s internal condition. Almost all off-the-shelf lithium-ion batteries can be charged quicker and without sacrificing cycle life when using GBatteries’ ChargeSense as an alternative to CCCV. (Source)

How many Patents does GBatteries have?

GBatteries has filed 62 patent applications of which 32 patents are granted. The startup has filed patents in the US, Europe, China, and South Korea.

3. AMPLY Power (Acquired by BP OTR Pratchaya Mahatkun JAY)

Website https://amplypower.com/
HQ United States
Total Funding Amount $16.4 Million
Investors Siemens, Soros Fund Management, Obvious Ventures

What makes AMPLY Power different from other EV Charging Startups?

Charging-as-a-Service Approach – AMPLY Power’s Charging-as-a-Service solution manages all elements of EV fleet charging, from EVSE purchase and installation through operations and maintenance and beyond. It combines CapEx, OpEx, energy expenditures, and incentives into a single fixed-rate, enabling fleet operators to estimate and monitor expenditures over the long term. (Source)

Hassle-Free Maintenance – AMPLY Power accepts responsibility for charging station operations and addresses all sub-supplier concerns and costs with Hassle-Free Maintenance. It provides a service level agreement that guarantees that EVs are charged and set to go 99.9% of the time, as well as end-to-end assistance for charging equipment faults ranging from early triage to final retest. (Source)

What Innovative Products/Services does AMPLY Power offer?

OMEGA™ Charge Management System – OMEGA™ Charge Management System is a cloud-based charge management software that provides fleet operators with telematics, route & asset management tools to manage and optimize their electric vehicles. It allows for a 2x charger capacity without the need for utility service modifications, as well as guaranteed electric vehicle uptime. (Source)

INRUSH™ – INRUSH™ is a semi-permanent, portable charging infrastructure system that saves fleet costs on charging infrastructure. The INRUSH™ solution allows for quick implementation to ensure that charging operations are efficient. It is backed by AMPLY’s OMEGA™ Charge Management System and technical services. (Source)

Which Awards have been received by AMPLY Power?

AMPLY Power has been awarded an Honorable Mention by Fast Company’s 2019 World-Changing Ideas Awards. (Source)

4. Urban Electric Networks

Website https://www.urbanelectric.london/
HQ United Kingdom
Total Funding Amount $1.8 Million
Investors Innovate UK, Crowdcube, Climate-KIC Accelerator London

What makes Urban Electric different from other EV Charging Startups?

Pop-Up Hub Concept – In 2020, Urban Electric Networks was the only entity to successfully complete the testing of an on-street pop-up charging hub for EVs. The pop-up charging hubs were built particularly to address the issue of at-home charging for the 43% of UK households that must park their car on the street. The hub is mostly intended for easy overnight curbside charging when automobiles are parked for 12 hours or longer in a residential area. (Source)

What Innovative Products/Services does Urban Electric Networks offer?

UEone Chargepoint – UEone ChargePoint is an on-street app-operated charging hub for electric vehicles. It is a dual-socket with a Type 2 charging solution controlled by an app. The UEone ChargePoint offers quick 7kW AC charging and a 10-minute swap-out technology. (Source)

Urban Electric App – The Urban Electric App helps users locate a charging point near them. It allows users to use charging points by connecting their payment options for the first time they are using it. (Source)(Source)

How many Patents does Urban Electric Networks have?

Urban Electric Networks has filed 25 patent applications, of which 2 patents are granted. The startup has filed patents majority in the UK, and a few patents in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, the US, etc.

5. FreeWire Technologies

Website https://freewiretech.com/
HQ United States
Total Funding Amount $230.2 Million
Investors Stanley Ventures, BP Ventures, Riverstone Holdings, Volvo Cars Group

What makes FreeWire Technologies different from other EV Charging Startups?

Infrastructure-Light EV Charging – The approach is intended to overcome the shortcomings of today’s grid infrastructure in order to fulfill consumers’ rising need for fast, cost-effective power, while also reducing infrastructure costs and grid impact. This technology provides battery-integrated ultrafast EV charging that can be installed with existing infrastructure and costs up to 40% less to install compared to other high-power chargers. (Source)

Fully Integrated Ultrafast Charging – FreeWire’s technologies allow the scalable installation of ultrafast electric vehicle charging, in a fraction of the time and expense that traditional charging systems would need. The innovative combination of battery technology, power conversion technology, and software offers retail, fleet, utility, and municipal clients a flexible and fully integrated solution that reduces cost improves electric vehicle charging, opens energy services to reduce energy bills, and boosts resiliency. (Source)

What Innovative Products/Services does FreeWire Technologies offer?

Boost Charger™ – Boost Charger™ is an ultrafast EV charging system that is fully integrated with energy storage, efficient power conversion technology, and software that reduces energy costs. The completely integrated system uses existing low voltage electrical infrastructure to provide energy to electric vehicles whenever needed. The Boost Charger™ allows for ultrafast charging of up to 100 miles in 10 minutes. (Source)(Source)

Mobi® EV Charger – Mobi® EV Chargers are battery-powered mobile power solutions that provide fast charging without the need for expensive electrical infrastructure. It is a portable solution with dual-port level 2 charging that boosts each vehicle’s range by up to 30 miles per hour. It provides power to EVs without requiring it to be reshuffled to reach fixed charging infrastructure. (Source)(Source)

Mobi® Gen – For a variety of off-grid power requirements, FreeWire’s Mobi Gen can be utilized to supplement or completely replace standard diesel-fueled generators. Mobi Gen provides pure, high-quality power that lengthens the runtime of even the most delicate gadgets. The 80-kWh battery is substantial enough to power construction sites, events, emergency response, and any other backup power requirements. (Source)

Which Awards have been received by FreeWire Technologies?

FreeWire Technologies has received awards like the 2021 Global Cleantech 100, Emerging Startups 2021, 2020 BP Advancing Low Carbon accreditation, and many more. (Source)

How many Patents does FreeWire Technologies own?

FreeWire Technologies has filed 9 patent applications of which 3 patents are granted. The startup has filed patents in the US.

Which Companies are making use of FreeWire Technologies’s Solutions?

FreeWire Technologies offers solutions to customers including Sourcewell and Rotten Robbie. (Source)(Source)

6. Jedlix

Website https://www.jedlix.com/
HQ the Netherlands
Total Funding Amount $5.8 Million
Investors Osaka Gas

What makes Jedlix different from other EV Charging Startups?

Over-The-Air (OTA) Technology – Jedlix uses a smart charging mechanism to offer smart charging solutions using Over-the-Air (OTA) technology. Their smart charging algorithm just needs the user’s preferred time for the EV to be completely charged. The best charging plan is then devised by taking into account the power grid’s available capacity, renewable energy generation, and energy prices. (Source)(Source)

What are the Innovative Products/Services does Jedlix Offer?

Vehicle Grid Integration Platform – Jedlix’s Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) platform monetizes the charging process flexibility and maximizes the usage of renewable energy. The VGI platform enables automakers to cut their clients’ total cost of ownership (TCO) and lower the cost of charging by integrating Virtual Power Plant (VPP) to enable advanced balancing and energy markets access.

Jedlix User

Jedlix App – The Jedlix app makes it simple to charge an electric vehicle while utilizing cleaner and less expensive power. Users designate when they want the electric car to be completely charged using the Jedlix app. The software then calculates the best charging strategy for the car. It considers the needs, available capacity on the power grid, the availability of sustainable energy, and the cost of energy during the process. (Source)

Which Awards have been received by Jedlix?

Jedlix received the Energy App Award in 2017 for its smart charging app. (Source)

Which Companies are using Jedlix’s Solutions?

Jedlix provides solutions to various clients including Tesla, Jaguar, Renault, Engie, Tennet, Eneco, and many more. (Source)(Source)

7. IoTecha

Website https://www.iotecha.com/
HQ United States
Total Funding Amount $15.7 Million
Investors BP Ventures, Elitegroup Computer Systems

What makes IoTecha different from other EV Charging Startups?

IoT-based Cloud Platform – IoTecha’s combination of extensive understanding of the AWS IoT platform, AI-driven predictive analytics, stream processing, and experience with major open-source technologies ranging from high-performance JS (React, Angular, D3, Node) to iOS/Android apps provides a very broad toolset for delivering highly customized solutions to clients. (Source)(Source)

Seamless integration of Hardware, Software, and Cloud

HomePlug AV/GP and IEEE 1901 Powerline Communication Technology – IoTecha’s team contributed to the development of the HomePlug AV/GP and IEEE 1901 Powerline Communication technology. Leveraging this technology, they have successfully invented all silicon and board-level implementations. IoTecha leverages this knowledge to deliver a comprehensive range of hardware development services, ranging from device integration to full turnkey product delivery. (Source)

What Innovative Products/Services are offered by IoTecha?

IoT.ON™ Platform – The Intelligent Power Platform (IoT.ON™) from IoTecha is a powerful cloud-based platform that enables charger makers and charge point operators (CPOs) to dramatically decrease charger downtime while also monitoring charger condition and performance. IoT.ON™ includes significant capabilities for both the Cloud and the Edge. Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) and intelligent charging orchestration services are provided by IoT.ON™ Cloud. IoT.ON™ Edge, the on-premises Smart Charging Manager provides EVs with demand-aware load sharing and load optimization. (Source)

PilotShark ISO/IEC 15118 Protocol Analyzer – IoTecha’s Protocol Analyzer uses non-invasive packet capturing and protocol analysis to provide an in-depth study of V2G communication. It can show low-level HomePlug GreenPHY MPDUs (frames sent over the pilot line through powerline communication) and also decrypted/reassembled Layer 2. (Source)

Others – Other solutions include White Label and Custom level 2 EV Chargers, Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM), etc. (Source)

How many Patents does IoTecha have?

IoTecha has filed 24 patent applications, of which only 2 patents have been granted. IoTecha has filed patents in Europe, the US, and Canada.


What do you think of these EV charging innovation startups? Do you think they will meet customer demands? 

Also, being in an innovation phase, the EV charging domain has scope for huge growth and you might not want to miss out on playing your shot. Get in touch with us here or directly fill out the form below if you want in-depth research into the field by our experts.


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