Eat the Frog – Break the vicious cycle of Procrastination

For the longest time, I was thinking of turning this email from Sonali into an article, but for one or the other reason kept on delaying it. 

Ironically, the email shared by Sonali describes the means to Overcome Procrastination, so I finally implemented what she shared and ATE THAT FROG, presenting you this article on how to overcome the vicious cycle of Procrastination.

Sonali Kumari


Hello people,

Guess what I am here for??…. Yup!! You’re right (the big, bold letters might be pricking your eyes)

It’s about PROCRASTINATION – A term widely used/heard/felt in an organization.

I was also facing this problem and was having a very hard time dealing with it. I wanted to curb it but couldn’t. But, as the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Bhagwaan ne sun li!! (Translation – God finally listened)

Recently, I was traveling and came across this book on a bookstall. It read – “Eat that FROG”. The name caught my attention. Now, in case you haven’t heard of it, I am sure the “FROG” must be striking your head too.

So, I picked it up to find an underlying statement – “21 great ways to STOP PROCRASTINATING and get more done in less time”. And, I bought it…!!

First Things First – What is a “FROG”?

“It is the BIGGEST and the MOST IMPORTANT task of yours. A task which you are most likely to procrastinate but also the task which creates a great positive impact on your life.”

Now if we think about it –

It can be shortlisting references because you tend to forget about their details after a while and you’re likely to spend some time again on the same references.

It can be sending a follow-up to the client which is due for a while but is required.

It can be taking a feedback discussion of your mentee, which will create a valuable impact on his/her further progress etc. etc. etc.

There can be multiple examples related to our work only, let alone our personal lives. And I am pretty sure, no one is very happy with this disease – “PROCRASTINATION”. So, here I am with some remedies which might be helpful.

(DISCLAIMER: This is a homeopathic remedy, not allopathy…. Takes time, but can cure it completely)

The rules of EATING the FROG

  • Eat the UGLIEST FROG first: In case we have two important tasks in hand, start with the biggest, hardest, and the most important task first, i.e., arrange the tasks priority-wise. Now, once the ugliest frog is decided, we need to begin immediately and finish it before switching to any other task.
  • Do not look at the FROG for long: The FROGS do not sit in a place for long. So, we need to develop the habit of finding the frogs that need to be eaten every morning before doing any other work, without spending much time thinking.

Developing the HABIT of SUCCESS

  • Celebrate the PAYOFFs: The habit of starting and completing important tasks has an immediate payoff. A human is designed mentally and emotionally, so that task completion gives a positive feeling. So, feel like a winner when you are done eating one of your frogs.
  • Develop a positive addiction: When an important task is completed, do you remember how relieved you feel? It’s because of the release of “Endorphins” in our brain. It gives us a natural high (the “addiction”) and makes us feel more positive, creative, and confident.


  • THINK on PAPER: I remember a saying which goes – “A problem well stated is half solved”. Clear written goals have a wonderful effect on thinking. Every morning, we should review our goals and take action on the most important task to achieve the most important goal at the moment.
  • Take IMMEDIATE action: As I mentioned, frogs do not sit for long. So, once you know what is important, do it or at least do something about it. Remember – “An average plan vigorously executed is far better than a brilliant plan on which nothing is done”

That’s all for today. In case you are also in the habit of procrastinating, I will be giving you some time to try and implement them, till I come up with the next set of ways to stop procrastinating.

Do let us know if you feel any change once you start eating your FROGS.

Best Regards,


Not only has Sonali talked about the struggles every human faces, but Rohit Jaswal – the RJ of GreyB, also pointed out a club that helps overcome this hurdle of delaying the tasks. As you read the email thread, I have already joined ‘The Frog Club’ and I am hopeful of becoming my most productive self.

Rohit Jaswal

People and Culture Manager

Hey Sonali — Do you know we have The Frog Club in GreyB?

I know that the answer is NO.

People come and go and benefited from this group in the past. Here is the message that Mahesh shares when someone joins this group –

Welcome to The Frog Club

Frog Club is based on the teachings of the book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. It is supposed to make you significantly more productive.

Concept: We feel stressed when important things stay pending on our desks. Important things stay pending on our desks because we keep ourselves busy with less important things. We keep ourselves busy with less important things because they are easier to do and we naturally feel inclined to do them first.

Tough tasks are like eating frogs. Scary. Disgusting. We avoid them as long as possible. Frog Club is all about eating those frogs first.


  1. At the end of the day, lay down the frogs that you need to eat tomorrow (= list down the most important tasks you need to do tomorrow).
  2. When presented with a number of frogs to eat, pick the biggest and ugliest one first (= don’t do a lower priority task before completing all higher priority tasks scheduled for the day).
  3. Don’t do tasks that you can delegate to someone else.
  4. Don’t do tasks that don’t make any real difference.

Those who are interested to experiment – feel free to join our club to control Procrastination.

You are just one DM away from this club.



Now, I shall go finish the ppt before it becomes my next procrastination albatross. And, if you have already eaten the frog for the day. I am listing down another interesting read by GreyBians for you.

Growth within GreyB – Life Inside

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