Let’s start with a cliché, every company is unique!

So what’s special about GreyB?

Well, it’s our founding philosophy making us a stronger partner for our clients. With a continuous focus on a systematic, almost scientific approach to hiring, learning & development to build teams that deliver.

These teams are the essence of GreyB.

They translate your high-value opportunities into a win or help you with efficient risk mitigation in the changing landscape of the industry. So imagine, you have access to a trained team of the right people (experience, expertise, and attitude), who can help you in a plug and play model for research.

Our success is established in being critical for winning patent litigations, scouting new technology, selling of business based on IP, benchmarking your competition, risk assessment in FTO’s, etc.

There is value in this offering. There is value in working with GreyB.

Our Skills

We really love to learn every day. This is how good we are right now.

Infringement Research
Invalidation Search
Prior Art Studies
Freedom to Operate
Landscape Studies
Machine Intelligence

Technologies we work in

Medical Devices
Material Science
Consumer Electronics

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Meet the Team

We are some enthusiastic people. We are so excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves.

  • Matt Miskimin
    Matt Miskimin

    Senior Advisor

    Matt is based in Sweden and will be expanding our relationships with national technology research funding and monetization agencies, private equity, and venture capital sectors.

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  • Deepak Syal

    Director & Head of Delivery

    Deepak is responsible for overall client delivery out of our India and Singapore research centers. Deepak’s forte is in building world-class engineering teams for our business operations.

  • Chakshu Kalra
    Chakshu Kalra

    Director & Head of Finance and Solutions Team

    Chakshu manages the financial operations of the company. He has engineered a validated business model of partnering with clients on complex research assignments.

  • Tapesh Kumar
    Tapesh Kumar

    Head of IT

    Tapesh is responsible for the IT infrastructure and systems at GreyB. He has extensive experience in managing the IT systems of growing organizations of various sizes.

Our awards & accolades

Major countries where we work


How experienced we are


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Our IP Mentors

  • Andrew Schulman Software Litigation Consultant

    Andrew Schulman has spent over thirty years in litigation-related technology consulting. Most of the work involves source code review, reverse engineering, product teardowns, finding prior art, establishing evidence of infringement and non-infringement, etc. Read more

  • Tom Franklin
    Tom Franklin

    Tom is based in the United States and is one of our mentors. He works closely with GreyB to design best-in-class analytic reports to answer the most vexing problems that face businesses who invest in IP protection.

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  • Larry M. Goldstein
    Larry M. Goldstein

    Larry Goldstein is an independent US patent attorney based in the United States and Israel. He is one of the members of the external IP strategy team at GreyB, and has been associated with GreyB for the past two years in the evaluation of patents.

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  • Donal O’ Connell
    Donal O’ Connell

    Donal is based in the United Kingdom and is part of GreyB’s IP-Strategy team which crafts and executes Intellectual Property Consulting projects. Apart from this, he is also the Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services.

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