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“I felt stuck at infinite points but every single challenge managed to reshape me as a person. It was a transformation from a human with random staggered thoughts to a human with goals… All in all, it was a bombastic journey”, replied Kanika Sharma, when asked about her internship at GreyB.

Every year May/June witnesses culmination of a marathon (training is so mainstream) for interns at GreyB. These 5 months use to be a transition phase for them as they witness the difference between corporate vs. university life.

Hence, we have designed our internship program in a manner that this transition remains smooth. Meanwhile, we make sure that grit, patience, and intellectual stamina of every intern get tested at every single point of their journey. Why? You ask. Because crafting a unique and successful career doesn’t come with a blueprint. You need to learn these values to keep yourself in the uncomfortable zone and to grow really quick as a professional.

“It was nothing less than a life event”, describes Kanika the experience in one sentence. Do you want to know what others have to say? Well, watch the video:

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