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  • How to overcome rejections based on the Alice Decision?

    The Alice decision created two major problems for the patent community. First, it jeopardized the validity of thousands of patents and second, it made it almost impossible for new patent applications to get through.However, in the past one and half year, the Supreme Court gave few decisions which serve as a guideline to avoid the rejection based on the Alice decision. An account of one such case is here: How to overcome Alice based Rejections

  • How to increase the grant rate of a patent using simple analytics

    If you are the attorney or the law firm that gets a patent application through an examiner’s desk in shortest time, you can, no doubt, use that as a solid marketing stat. Here is a way to decrease grant time and use this stat as your differentiator factor to attract more clients: How to get a patent granted fast

  • Do you know these 5 Types of Patent Examiners and how to deal with them?

    What if you know the history/behavior of an examiner before you start working on an office action with him? Better office actions and fewer or no rejections is an obvious answer. Find the 5 Type of Examiners You Should Know

  • How to Get Broader yet Good Quality Patents?

    Products backed by strong patents have less likelihood of copycats appearing in the market and even if it happens, the chances of recovery on the basis of patent infringement still holds. A poor quality patent or a patent with unnecessary limitations, on the other hand, can compromise this intent and can impact the entire business. Hence, you always strive to file broader but good quality patents

  • (Hot!!) Are you using these unconventional business development strategies to grow your law firm   revenue?

    This article is quite popular and is a must read for you if you are an independent IP attorney or a law firm, and want to increase your law firm revenue this year: Unconventional BD strategies for an IP law firm


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