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Tell me the specific problem your legal team is facing

Legal teams, all over the world are now transforming.
They are embracing software solutions in the best possible ways.
No, I am not making any strong claims but the statistics support me…

In a survey conducted by the CLOC,

71% of the companies ranked automating their legal processes as a high priority objective.

Here’s what Mary, Head of Legal Operations at Google has to say,

There are multiple stakeholders that want their particular requirements met—and that is just Step One of figuring out if there is a system out there that can meet all these needs.

And what if there isn’t a system matching all your needs?

Can you build one?

Well, busy business leaders like you often tell me this – ‘I want a personalized solution which can save my time and helps me highlight the value of my team’

So, let me ask you.

What is your biggest pain point?

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Can’t find a relatable query in this list? No problem, if you want to know how your team can benefit from customized software solutions…

Is your team making decisions based on a hunch?

Sam’s business unit & IP counsels were working from different offices and facing difficulty in syncing up on portfolio and competitor benchmarking. There was significant wastage of effort in to and fro discussions.

His portfolio managers were making many gut-based calls without leveraging the recommendations from various stakeholders and past payment decisions made by the organization.

We brought his legal department on the same page.

By building a  collaborative platform where multiple analysts can categorize, highlight and annotate the patents and share with each other on a real-time basis.

Are you sitting on a treasure trove of knowledge without using it?

Harry, who sat at the decision-making table of a big conglomerate in the high-tech sector came up with a problem. He had a treasure trove of knowledge, accumulated over years,  in a variety of formats including (not limited to) DOCs, PPTs, PDFs, XMLs, RARs, ZIPs, JPG, PNG, etc. However, this data was not searchable as legacy systems are not designed to extract meaningful information out of the files.

We made a Custom search engine for his knowledge database.

It has the capability of both online and offline implementation, designed to index the information (in the form of heterogeneous files), and making it searchable.

Are you losing a huge amount of budget on pending applications?

Dieter found out that their organization (a multinational conglomerate) was bleeding a significant amount of budget due to the lack of visibility on the prosecution health of the pending patent portfolio. They were easily filing more than 1K patents a year. The average cost of responding to an office action in the US is around $3-5K. They were, without even realizing, spending millions from their annual budget in responding to office actions that have entered a deadlock.

We helped them track each application based on USPTO data (in a real-time basis).

A web-based tool built to categorize the applications on the basis of impedance being faced at the USPTO (SOS, At-risk and On-Track) on a real-time basis. The tool takes into account the examiner behaviour, overall performance and experience of prosecuting law firms to come up with mitigating strategies.

There was a time when using an online system to calculate the finances was a sign of development.

Times have changed and so have the businesses.

You are expected to do more in less time.

And the pressing question is,

How will you contribute to business while managing your core tasks?

…in exactly the same amount of time as before.

Well, this is exactly where I get into the picture.

I am not your pushy business guy who makes you sit through a call blabbering about our services/solutions.

I hear your problem, build a framework based on your inputs, and deliver a system customized for you, exactly how you wanted it.

Yes, I do all this in the call itself.

No more buying enterprise software without a single button that can be changed. Instead, create your own ‘enterprise’ version.

Can’t visualise these custom software solutions? (Curious mind, I got you!)

If you ask, what kind of custom solutions have we provided in the past?

Here’s your answer


If your patent monetization strategies have been taking a back seat for a while now, you might want to check this shining blue button below.

Let me show you how to create a kickass sales deck for my patent portfolio…


Let me guess, you have a huge portfolio and there’s unnecessary spend to maintain it. Applications that might be dead, stuck because of ‘that’ examiner or the technology became obsolete.
I have something for you.

Let me tell you a way to save these extra costs…


A huge team, no knowledge management system, and no way of tracking the current projects dynamically.

Let me show you how my team can ‘work together’ from any part of the world…

What are you exactly looking for? (excuse me if I sound like that typical SaaS vendor)

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Whether you want to create enterprise software from scratch or planning to improve what’s existing, we can upgrade the health of your business in no time.

Custom ERP Development

Custom ERP applications can help improve efficiency and productivity by boosting collaboration amongst different teams across the enterprise. Well, you know that already.

Here’s the catch-

We can help you build a collaborative platform specifically built to suit your IP needs.

End-To-end Digital Product Development

Right from ideation to the improvement, a digital product best suited to meet your needs.

More like a digital assistant.

What do our clients say about us?

  • Incredible material! This structure is really great to visualize the big picture in the new sustainable materials.

  • A big Thank You to you and the team for undertaking the literature search and pulling all of the material together in a nice concise document and also having SLATE and the spreadsheet is really helpful for us. I personally feel the review is looking really good! Great work!

  • Comprehensive coverage of the literature (from patents, non-patents, and products) The report format is good; detailed and useful Abundant and comprehensive ways of filtering solution (in SLATE/Dashboard) Generally impressed by the SLATE tool for ease of accessing information Happy with responsiveness to our teams requests/suggestions along the way

  • It is a great job, I think it is as good as expected. The direction of analysis is right

  • Thank you for your efforts. The content of the report is very detailed and professional

  • Thanks for the final update, this is what we want. Thank you for all the efforts you and your team has made. We are very happy working with you and your team.

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