Dynamic visualisations of patent insights


Personalised Medicine

Know which players are innovating in Personalised Medicine Technology, whether it is a university or a company. To give you an idea we have plotted a dynamic dashboard of Personalized Medicine to take actionable decisions. This dashboard can help you understand;

  • How research in personalised medicine has evolved over the years?
  • How is this research distributed in different areas? 
  • Which technologies are receiving maximum patent filings?
  • Which companies and universities are leading the research?


Competitive AI

Stay ahead of your competition know their core research areas, are they aggressive patent filers or its just for defensive purposes, or are they covering sub domain nodes for fencing? To give you an idea we plotted AI portfolios of three major players to find how they are positioned in relation to one another.

A competitive edge for your business


Blockchain Patent Trends

In the early stages of growth of blockchain, Fintech’s rate of growth was highest (2014 Q4- 2015). 2016 saw drastic growth in all sub-nodes of blockchain, especially core aspects, which have become the most popular areas recently.

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