Cannabis Research:
What’s happening? Who’s first? What’s next?

The webinar can answer questions like:
  • What approach top players are following to retain their position?
  • What is going on in cannabis microdosing, nutraceuticals, bio fuels, cosmetic products?
  • What is going on in cannabis beverages?
  • Which are the top start-ups working on different areas?
  • What kind of M&A activity is happening in the sector?
  • …..And many other
  • Vikas is a tech enthusiast and a recognized expert in emerging areas like Marijuana and Blockchain. For the past 2 years, he has been closely consulting firms and cannabis entrepreneurs to offer analytic and tech solutions. His expertise could be attributed to his 9 years of experience working with many high-performing companies, law firms and Investors to help them with highly dynamic analytics and strategic analyses to generate powerful insights and develop profitable growth solutions.

    Vikas Jha
    Vikas Jha AVP - GreyB
  • Gaurav has executed and managed more than a dozen projects helping our clients with various objectives like geographical expansion related to the cannabis industry, shortlisting top candidates for collaboration related to cannabis beverages, delivery system, cultivation, etc. He has also authored many articles on cannabis trends and analytics leveraging learnings gained along the way through these projects.

    Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma Cannabis Campaign Strategist - GreyB

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