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What you’ll get from these articles is not only advises but also actionable steps to tweak your patent invalidation strategies. Further, sometimes a guide and a free trial of a tool that could help you build these smart strategies.

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Articles on Patent Invalidation Strategies

  • How to find hidden prior art in Images?

    Do you want to know how to investigate an image and present it in a manner that could help disclose a concept and challenge novelty of a patent? This article elucidates the procedure with multiple examples which can help you in the pursuit. Read it here and Start Finding Hidden Prior Art in Images

  • [Popular] How to invalidate a patent that has mathematical expressions in claims?

    We all know what happens when there is a patent that claims have mathematical expressions –the regular strategies on our toolkits fail. This article discusses where to look in such a case and Invalidate a Patent With Mathematical Expression

  • How to invalidate a composition patent?

    This is a case study on how we invalidated a patent related to a cigarette filter having a gas adsorbing material and certain specific composition requirements. This can give you an idea What to do When You have to Invalidate a Patent with Specific Composition

  • How we used pattern recognition to find an unsearchable prior art?

    Finding a relevant prior art in a sea of data – NPLs as well as patent – become finding a needle in the haystack. Conventional strategies just don’t work and you need to go unconventional to find what you were looking for. If you find yourself in such a situation this article can give you an inspiration: How We Used Pattern Recognition to Find Unsearchable Prior Art

  • How previous litigations and an examiner interpretation can help in invalidity searches?This case study of a patent invalidation search discloses how analysis of litigations a patent was involved in, and patent examiner’s parameters can give you lead when everything else seems like not working: How to Find Better Results than an Examiner

  • What many patent search firms are doing wrong? We have got it right but!
    Why some search firms find a result while others fail miserably? If you’re an attorney and wants to make a right selection of a search firm, you must read this article to find Why Firms Fail in Prior Art Searches

  • How to invalidate a patent using standards?
    This article helps you grasp the importance of Standard search, in general, and digging normative text, in particular, in a prior art search. You can explore the article here: Click here to read

  • [Highly Popular!] Why Universities are a rich source of non-patent prior art?
    In cases of patents with complex claims, we have found non-patent sources such as university publications to be a life-saver. Not only in invalidation searches alone, have these publications played a crucial role in IPR proceedings, too. Curious? Here is Why Universities are Rich Source of NPLs?

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