GreyV – GreyB’s first step in food industry

“Nothing brings people together like good food”

Just like any other corner of the world, GreyB is filled with food lovers too. Our love for food is just like Jerry’s love for Cheese, Popeye’s love for spinach, or Pooh’s love for Honey. We are foodies by heart (and tummies too). Eating is not the only thing that we love about food, many GreyBians are passionate cooks as well.

Embracing this undying love for food of ours, we are thrilled to announce that today we are expanding our expertise beyond IP and opening a new subsidiary specializing in the food industry –  GreyV.

GreyV is not just a mainstream food company. We are still researchers by heart and by using the creative minds of our research teams, the power of our AI tools, and of course, the magic of our own hands, GreyV will deliver best-in-class food items to the masses.

The vision of our founders behind GreyV

“This has to be the most radical business change a technology firm have seen till date”

“With the new subsidiary, we can showcase the expertise of GreyBians who are able to find innovation in any industry.” said Deepak Syal, Director of GreyB who aims to give a tough competition to Gordon Ramsey.

We are very excited about the growth opportunity in the food industry, and the establishment of this new subsidiary reflects GreyBians’ commitment on providing highly personalized service to our customers especially what they really want to taste.”, said Chakshu Kalra while devouring the special ‘chuttney stuffed achaar’ made by HR Team.

The inspiration came from Potlucks that we often do inside our workplace. The heavenly taste of different dishes brought by our team members reflected the hidden talents of many GreyBians. The hands and minds who are ninja at finding prior art, are just as good as making ‘papdi chaat’ too.

How are we going to embrace this new change?

Where this new service is good news for the founders, the staff has to do double shifts for few initial months. We have increased the scope of our talent hunt as well. Our Human Resource department is actively looking for people having research skills as the main ingredient with a seasoning of cooking skills too. But, while we bring in the new cooks, our existing teams are ready to take the matter into their own hands and utensils (literally).

To make this change as smooth as possible, we have improvised the roles of many teams within GreyB itself.

The different teams have been assigned to take care of the dishes similar to their names or work” stated Shikhar Shani, AVP NorthStar, while showcasing his tequila shaking skills to now called – GreyVians.


When we asked the teammates about their new responsibilities, they said that this new role will give them a new challenge which they always welcome. Besides, they finally have the chance to avoid street foods, Zomato orders, and not-so-innovative food made by their home chefs.

“Different team members will be working interchangeably to help each other. It is a culture that profoundly emboldens GreyB and now GreyV. Infringement team members who currently make claim charts will now help to make ‘plain chaats’ for Prior Art team.” remarked Anoop Chauhan, GM Infringement.

“Since GreyB is known for their Tier-1 prior art, with GreyV, we’ll be also be known by Tier-1 papdi chaat” – vision of our Prior Art team members.

GreyVians are also trying to solve many problems in the food industry which have been faced by millions of people.

People are unable to make Maggi in two minutes but using our exceptional research skills and AI tools, we have not only achieved this near impossible time frame but we went beyond and prepared the holy dish in just 100 seconds, reducing the time by 20 seconds.” said Priya from Prior Art. Her skills were apparent to us right away as she cooked entire bowl of Maggi by the time she finished her lines.

Since this is going to be a thrilling shift, we are really looking forward to what kind of challenges this big transformation will bring.

If you’re still reading this announcement, you’re probably just as excited as we are with GreyV today. Here’s a message for you from our new teams and old founders –

“Happy April Fools day!”

Yes, even though GreyV is not real but our love for food and fun is.

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