How We Found Prior Art For A Trade Secret Infringement Case Under ITC 337?

How difficult is it to find a solution to a problem you know nothing about? Difficult? Very difficult? Preposterous, you say? No, we are not being ludicrous. Though less often, there are [...]

5 prior art search strategies to suggest when your search vendor returns with a ‘no reference found’ report

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How to make Money from Patents When Reverse Engineering doesn’t confirm Infringement?

Ever broke a phone by mistake? Feels bad, doesn’t it? Ever broke a phone knowingly. No. Well, we broke three of them. Three brand new, flagship smartphones. Why? Well, we were working on a [...]

Finding Prior Art in Unconventional Places: How we found Prior Art in a Museum?

We find prior art in a lot of unconventional places. Sitcoms, Pop culture magazines, FCC ID databases, Internet archives – Well, almost every place where you would least think of finding prior [...]

What You Should Look for When Deciding A Patent Search Partner?

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How we found references in non patent literature without performing an NPL search?

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Prior art search – Four strategies that helped us find reference when finding it was next to impossible

Invalidation searches are not a cakewalk. That’s why a lot of time many prior art search service providers or your in-house team fail to return with a result you needed. Weak results or no [...]

Dear Patent Attorneys, Yes We Understand What Do You Want! Even if You Don’t Tell.

At the end of the day, how well do we know our customers, is something that does matter. And, it feels awesome that yeah we do understand people we work for. The last week of August turned out to [...]

Visual Effect Innovations vs. NVIDIA Corporation – We think US8864304 and US9167235 could get Easily Invalidated

On December 1, 2016, Visual Effect LLC filed a lawsuit against NVIDIA Corporation for infringing two of its patents US8864304 and US9167235– for which it demanded a trial by jury. Filed in [...]

Smart Ways to Perform Patent Invalidity Searches for Mathematical Expressions

Have you ever had a case where you had to perform an invalidation search and you need a prior art for a claim at the heart of which has a mathematical expression? Needless to say, you wouldn’t [...]

Invalidating Patents using Non Patent Literature – A Valuable Source of Prior Art

Every day, as we take a step at making our life more digital, we facilitate digitization of our knowledge. Hundreds of documents, on a regular basis, are getting scanned, listed, indexed and made [...]

Invalidation Search – How to find better results than an examiner during prosecution?

OBJECTIVE:  We had to invalidate a patent related to an audio player that had one important feature. Also, the client wanted to make his position stronger in the Inter Partes Review. STORY: This [...]