The report describes suitable countries (geographies other than the crowd favorites, USA and Canada) for business expansion related to Cannabis Nutraceuticals (Fitness Products). We have analyzed these geographies based on the prevalence of diseases which could be treated using CBD. We have also considered patents related to CBD based Nutraceuticals which could help in treating those diseases.

Table of Content

1. Executive summary

2. Geographical Expansion

PART I: IP Analysis
  • IP Overview and Status
    • Legal Status for enforceability of the patents
    • Patent Activity – Trend
  • IP For Treatment of Diseases by CBD
  • IP for producing better CBD-based products
  • IP for new CBD-based product lines
  • Nutraceuticals focused patents
  • Top patent holders
  • Top markets based on IP
PART II: Market analysis
  • Potential markets (geographies)
    • Current Laws & Regulations Governing CBD
      • Japan
      • Germany
      • Spain
      • France
      • India
      • Italy
      • South Korea
      • South Africa
      • Poland
      • Peru
  • Key Drivers of CBD market developments in each country
    • Population Affected By Diseases Curable by CBD
    • Prevalence of diseases curable/treatable by CBD that can act as a triggering agent for growth of CBD market
    • How is the market of CBD growing in that country
PART III: Key competitors in this domain
  • Which players are currently active/dominating the market?
  • Restraints in the market (Competing Products)
  • Which companies hold the market in the country for CBD-based products?
  • Which companies are eyeing holding a market in the country for CBD-based products?

3. References

4. Abbreviations

5. Annex

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