Message in a bottle: Thank you from Muzammil…

I was scrolling across my Reddit feed last night when I came across a post on the thread r/LifeProTips. The crux was whenever you have a chance to appreciate someone and give a genuine compliment, don’t hesitate from doing so.

This reminded me of a recent mail sent By Muzammil, who is a Manager in our Patent Infringement team.

His mail did bring a smile to most of our faces, and I am pretty sure you can come up with your own appreciation notes inspired by his mail:

Sub: Thank you 

All these years, I have got the most satisfaction when someone appreciates my doings.

I thought it’s limited to me until I read about it – I figured that it’s a fundamental human need. Most importantly it’s a proven fact that showing gratitude lessens stress and helps in better sleep habits. Yes, it betters sleep habits too!

A couple of days ago while thinking about appreciation (pretty late in the night), and this interesting game came to my mind.

Have you heard of ‘Message in a bottle’? There are different ways to look at it, but to me, it says – the receiver doesn’t know if it was meant for him, he just reads it and smiles.

I had an interesting idea. I thought I would write an appreciation message too. But I won’t name anyone.

In my journey during this lockdown, all of you have helped me survive. I am writing a few messages below – if you relate to it, smile, if not, I am sure you will relate to the next one.

Anonymous Appreciation.

  • Thank you for your prompt replies whenever I needed you.
  • Thank you for staying across whenever I needed you – all those dinners and late-night debates. J
  • Thank you for having all those intellectual debates with me, these helped me take a break from routine work.
  • Thank you for considering my feedback and improving over it. I knew it took a lot of effort.
  • Thank you for working late without questioning my decisions. I appreciate all your help in every project.
  • Thank you for helping me finalize the most difficult reports we have ever published.
  • Thank you for reaching out to me when you have doubts. It gives me a feeling of being considered. J
  • Thank you for being kind when I didn’t understand.

If you smiled on any of the above pointers, do consider writing your own appreciation notes to the ones you want to see smiling.

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