GreyB’s Buddy Program

The transition from college to work comes with a lot of expectations. While many of these will turn to reality– a few of them may not.

The feeling of starting your first job is pretty similar to the day of your college admission- People going through the same emotions at the same time, having passed similar examinations to reach an institution, a sense of achievement (or disappointment) on every face. 

Then throughout college, you look forward to a few faces (batch-mates/seniors/faculty – sometimes siblings/parents). These faces, over the years, have become your go-to folks for discussing any and every situation you are in. Whoever they are, you know that they will always listen to you, you trust them because they’ve been there, they understand. And you’ll always come out a little less worried about the situation after talking to them.

They don’t face it for you – they tell you how they did it.

We all need such people in our lives. In your professional life, they are the ladders that can save you from doing things the hard way by providing more understanding. The best part- they do not have a direct stake in your successes or failures – and that makes any knowledge coming out of them unbiased.

At GreyB, your mentors do the same things, they teach you the trick of the trade that you are in, they have been there. However, they do have stakes in your successes and failures.

But then there are others, who have been through it all a long time ago and are far removed from the work you are doing now. They will have genuine unbiased suggestions on your situation. They are not your managers, They are the Guardians of GreyB.

You will each be introduced to one such person who can be your guiding light. They’ll help you adjust to the work culture, tell you how rapid success can be achieved, and how to get out of situations that pressurize you mentally. The trick is, you have to find the best way to use their exposure in your favor.

So, who will your “Guardian of GreyB” be?