Communication Problem for Every Developer

Software development has a uniquely challenging communication problem. To top it off, there exists no perfect solution for sharing information or product requirement accurately between multiple people when you are building or are getting major software built.

Added to that is the level of detailed information one needs to pass to the other.

Though there exists no perfect solution, however, there are ways to mitigate them. And Ishali, from the Product Development Team, tried to explain this to everyone with the help of an activity/game which she has given a name ‘Copy Cat’.

— What was the game like? —

Let say there were twenty players A, B, C, D…… The first player A lets player B see a picture s/he has. The player B as per his understanding draws the picture on paper and shows that to C. C repeats the same procedure and the game goes on till the second last player reveals his understanding to the last player.

You can see the picture drawn by second last player to check how information gets deteriorated or how well it gets conveyed when it moved from top to bottom part.

Have a look at images from left to right to understand how it impacts in the real world.


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