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Build a fool-proof generic launch strategy with Elixir Seamless Integration of USPTO, EPO, and Orange Book Data What’s Elixir is offering? Critical updates Receive up-to-date information on [...]


Save your high-potential patents from getting lapsed Are you abandoning the right patents? Benchmark your portfolio with the industry, identify the good and bad patents, get better ROI on your IP [...]

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Get fast answers to tough research questions in Probiotics Drones Infant Nutrition Anti Microbial Anti Ageing HVAC Find answers to critical research and innovation challenges [...]

Scouted videos

Scouted by GreyB Startups Scouted by GreyB Using Precision fermentation to make sustainable palm oil alternative Max Webers, CEO of Colipi Read Highlights Targeted Sugar Removal Technology [...]


Remove uncertainty from your licencing process Have all the patents categorized in your internal terminologiesCentralize your company’s IP knowledge Designed for licensing teams Get Slate Demo [...]

Scouted by GreyB

Discover the startups driving innovation in the industries of today and tomorrow Latest on Scouted Transforms CO2 into sustainable oils Max Webers, CEO of Colipi Read Highlights Targeted Sugar [...]


Versatile Video Coding Only 20% of the VVC patents are declared SEPs, find patents that are not yet in VVC SEP but map on the interface Clients: The future of Versatile Video Coding (VVC) holds [...]


SPOT ON YOUR RESULTES INSTANTLY Privacy first search on your servers. your data stays. An offline search engine scans and stores data exclusively on your on-premise servers, [...]

IDS Manager

Slash IDS costs by 96% speed-up prosecution by 30% Affordable. Automated. Adoptive. Why IDS Manager? Cost-Effective Manual prepration for IDS forms takes 1.5 hrs at $150, IDS Manager does it in 2 [...]

WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is here Discover, acquire, and thrive with GreyB’s WiFi6 SEP, monetization, & excavation solutions Clients: WiFi 6 will be the backbone of the next generation of wireless [...]


Unlock the future of Regenarative Sustainable Efficient Smart Packaging with GreyB Talk to our packaging experts Trusted By: Pivotal across various industries, Packaging ensures product [...]


GreyB’s Timeline 20237600+ projects across 41 countries 2023Crossed 2.5+ Million Pageviews on Thought leadership blog 2023AwardCODiE Award BEST CONTENT MANAGEMENT PLATFORM GreyB’s Slate won [...]

IETF Standards

A report on IETF: Powerhouses of Routing & Switching Technology Insights from an in-depth analysis of RFC, internet drafts, and declared patent families and top participating companies. Get [...]