5 prior art search strategies to suggest when your search vendor returns with a ‘no reference found’ report

Have you come across a situation when the search vendor you hired returned with a report concluding “no reference found”? There could be multiple reasons that your vendor returns with such a [...]

Tracking patent citations – A strategy to strengthen your patent portfolio and market position

We all know that studying patent citations can reveal a lot of insights – Be it understanding the strength and potential of a patent, or figuring out the strategies being followed by companies. [...]

Three scenarios when your standard essential patents are not valuable

The value of a patent is normally measured by the market/revenue of the products covered by the patent.  Bigger the market of the product, the higher is the value of the patent covering it.  But [...]

Smart Business Development For IP Law Firms: How to Use Data to Increase Your Firm’s Business?

This is the third article of a 3 part series on Smart Business Development Strategies for IP Law Firms which discusses how to use data to build more clients for your IP law firm. The first [...]

How to make Money from Patents When Reverse Engineering doesn’t confirm Infringement?

Ever broke a phone by mistake? Feels bad, doesn’t it? Ever broke a phone knowingly. No. Well, we broke three of them. Three brand new, flagship smartphones. Why? Well, we were working on a [...]

Patent Licensing Strategy: How to identify Infringement for a Patent with Circuits?

Creating a patent licensing strategy for circuit patents can be a challenging task. There are rare chances of finding a detailed schematic of products in a product literature. This makes [...]


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Finding Prior Art in Unconventional Places: How we found Prior Art in a Museum?

We find prior art in a lot of unconventional places. Sitcoms, Pop culture magazines, FCC ID databases, Internet archives – Well, almost every place where you would least think of finding a prior [...]







Amazon Business Strategy: Insights of its operation and investment plan to become a Trillion dollar corporation

Back in 1994, Jeff Bezos was stunned after discovering the 2300% growth rate of the Internet, which eventually led him to think about starting an online business. “You know, things just don’t [...]

Do you find yourself clicking like crazy on Patbase? Stop! There is a solution.

The Winter was slowly paving the way for the Spring. The warmth of sunshine, from the side window of your car, seeped into your skin. And by the time your reached office, your spirit was on cloud [...]

What You Should Look for When Deciding A Patent Search Partner?

James, a renowned Intellectual Property attorney from the US, works with IP search/consulting partners for assisting him with patent analysis. These IP partners perform analyses like patent [...]

Is Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining the Future?

Bitcoin took a wild ride in 2017, going all the way from about $1,000 back in January to $19,000 at one point in December. A lot of the virtual currency’s activity was driven by individuals and [...]







2017 in Review From a Patent Perspective – A look at the Biggest Headlines in Patent Law

The countdown has started. As the end of 2017 approaches, it’s time to take a peek down the memory lane and review some of the biggest newsmakers in 2017. It has been a year of headlines, from [...]

GreyB Marathon Musings – How running a Marathon imparted lessons for life?

Adrenaline rushing through the bloodstream. Quickened heart rate. Sweat dripping down the brow. A sharp pain shoots in the calves. The thought of giving up flashes across the brain. Legs slow [...]

How we found references in non patent literature without performing an NPL search?

This August we celebrated our 10th year in the patent industry. It was amazing. Prior art search is a big part of the work we do. When we started, we were convinced that prior art searches should [...]



Visual Memory vs NVidia – What led Federal Circuit Reversed District Court Decision to Declare Claims Disclosing Programmable Memory System Patent Eligible Subject Matter?

Visual Memory sued NVIDIA for infringing its US5953740 patent. NVIDIA in a response filed a motion under Rule 12(b)(6) which was granted by the district court. The district court scrutinized [...]



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Prior art search – Four strategies that helped us find reference when finding it was next to impossible

Invalidation searches are not a cakewalk. That’s why a lot of time many prior art search service providers or your in-house team fail to return with a result you needed. Weak results or no [...]

Dear Patent Attorneys, Yes We Understand What Do You Want! Even if You Don’t Tell.

At the end of the day, how well do we know our customers, is something that does matter. And, it feels awesome that yeah we do understand people we work for. The last week of August turned out to [...]

Patent Acquisitions – Where to find Ideal Patents to Mitigate risks during Foreign Expansion?

Lack of IP poses a challenge of patent infringement not only within the country but also when companies plan to go global – They are welcomed with lawsuits. At such a time, patent acquisition of [...]

GreyB and PatSnap entered into a strategic alliance for providing Patent services

Helping Patsnap provide world class IP services to their clients. PatSnap, the global Intellectual Property Analytics company backed by Sequoia and used by innovative companies to accelerate [...]

Patent Abandonment Strategy: Why you should Look beyond your core competition before abandoning patents?

Would you believe me if I said patent abandonment strategy of companies like Delphi, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox have flushed Millions of Dollars down the drain? Metaphorical expression, but truth [...]

How to Select A Better Search Partner?

“Tis’ the era of outsourcing!” And there’s nothing particularly wrong with it. Especially in the case of In-house counsels and Patent Attorneys trying to find prior art to save their client’s [...]

FTO Inspired Landscapes – A Way to Optimize Freedom to Operate Studies

Ask a bunch of patent counsel how do they feel about performing a Freedom to Operate study, and you may hear a collective groan from the whole group. No doubt – performing an FTO is a cumbersome [...]



How We Found Prior Art For A Trade Secret Infringement Case Under ITC 337?

How difficult is it to find a solution to a problem you know nothing about? Difficult? Very Difficult? Preposterous, you say? No, we are not being inane. Though less often, there are instances [...]

How competitive analysis could lead to effective R&D Strategy?

How is Competitive Landscape helpful to researchers for creating an effective R&D strategy? To answer this question in its truest sense, we need to understand what competitive landscaping [...]


Matt Miskimin

Matt brings to the GreyB team a unique combination of skills and global contacts built up during his career in financial markets, strategic business consulting, project management, technology [...]

How We Helped Todd Figure Ways to Increase Carbon Content in Direct Iron Ore?

This case study would be very interesting for you if you are part of Steel industry. The researcher name, technology, and suggestions have been changed to maintain confidentiality but retain the [...]




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What Kind of Innovation is taking place in Insurance Sector? – A Patent Perspective

If you are not innovating, you are planning your exit- Paul Perreault We live in an era of stifling competition where the only factor that sets apart the top players from the rest is innovation. [...]

Do we tell our failure stories?

Have you ever heard failure stories? Chances are, you didn’t, as we all are a part of a culture where we proudly flaunt our successes, yet face difficulty when it comes to admitting [...]

How Bob Stumbled Upon The Secret For Maximizing Return On Investment While Monetizing Patents?

Today was the most important day in Bob’s life. Bob holding a Mont Blanc in his hand was seconds away from signing a deal with XYZ Technologies. Bob is a patent owner who had spent 10 years of [...]

Visual Effect Innovations vs. NVIDIA Corporation- We think US8864304 and US9167235 could get Easily Invalidated

On December 1, 2016, Visual Effect LLC filed a lawsuit against NVIDIA Corporation for infringing two of its patents US8864304 and US9167235– for which it demanded a trial by jury. Filed in [...]


Patent Invalidation Strategies Articles

Patent Invalidation Strategy Articles Hi! I’m glad to see you over here. I know that you hate to be conventional and are searching some out of the box ideas, don’t you? That’s what you should get [...]

Patent Commercialization Strategy Articles

Patent Commercialization Strategy Articles Hi! I’m glad to see you over here. I know that you hate to be conventional and are searching some out of the box ideas, don’t you? That’s what you [...]

Patent Prosecution Strategy Articles

Patent Prosecution Strategy Article Hi! I’m glad to see you over here. I know that you hate to be conventional and are searching some out of the box ideas, don’t you? That’s what you should get [...]

Patent portfolio strategy: filing patent continuation applications to enhance value of a portfolio

Patent portfolios are one of the most indispensable assets of an organization.  A sound patent portfolio strategy can build portfolios that could serve as a Weapon of choice during litigation – [...]