The Conundrum of Application of Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy in Light of Business Strategy, and its Significance to the Corporate World in Contemporary Settings

Abstract & Introduction:

Every leading firm of the current time cements their foundation with their IP portfolio. By integrating IP into every vertical — like R&D, strategic planning, product development cycles — a firm can seamlessly leverage multiple opportunities and enhance its value in the competitive market as well as protect itself from the same. In fact, reading one’s own IP portfolio and of the other entities working in the domain can be goaded in such a manner to derive practical strategic insights that can help firms positively.

Thus, the issue being addressed in this paper is related to the parameters necessary for such strategizing. Specifically, it relates to utilizing more empirical and data-driven parameters, rather than plain theoretical hypotheses. Further, these parameters can be utilized to construct a representative matrix (a 3-dimensional graph) with respect to a subject company; this matrix would help in identifying the company’s position in a particular domain — against the other entities that also work in the domain. In effect, this matrix can be utilized to obtain insights and design strategies that the company can use with respect to these other entities in its vision.


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