Andrew SchulmanSoftware Litigation Consultant

Andrew Schulman has spent over thirty years in litigation-related technology consulting. Most of the work involves source code review, reverse engineering, product teardowns, finding prior art, establishing evidence of infringement and non-infringement, etc.

Andrew has acted primarily as a consulting expert in litigation, and secondarily as a testifying expert witness, in the US and Canada; he also works pre-litigation to help determine if there is a reasonable case to go forward with litigation.

Andrew has extensive experience in software reverse engineering, undocumented APIs and internal interfaces, an examination of source code under a protective order for a patent, and trade secret issues. He is the author and co-author of several books on the internals of Microsoft operating systems and is an attorney licensed in California. He is based in the San Francisco bay area and will be guiding GreyB with respect to certain reverse engineering, patent infringement, and Evidence of Use studies.

The joining of Andrew’s experience in software reverse engineering and GreyB’s experience of hardware reverse engineering defines a relationship that we believe will further serve our clients’ needs.

See Andrew’s website at http://www.SoftwareLitigationConsulting.com.

His areas of expertise include:

Examination of source code under a protective order (Languages include: C/C++, Intelx86 assembler, Java/Kotlin, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, PHP, Python, Objective-C)

Software reverse engineering (Windows Win32 & Win64 code disassembly, packet monitoring, examining Apple OSX and iOS code, Android app code, etc.)

Undocumented APIs and internal interfaces

Code comparisons for copyright, patent, and trade secret issues

Web site and web services analysis

Assist attorneys with technical aspects of legal complaints, summary judgment motions and responses, interrogatory and discovery requests and responses

Assist attorneys with technical aspects of depositions, trial preparation, and cross-examination of testifying technical experts

Presentations to attorneys on technical issues

Software demonstrative exhibits

Comparison and correlation of internal documents (emails, etc.) with resulting technical practices

Operating systems, particularly Windows

Internet privacy and security issues

His publications include:

Andrew Schulman, Patent Litigation: An Introduction to Patent Claims, “Limitations,” Infringement, and Invalidity (6-part series published at DisputeSoft.com, 2018)

Andrew Schulman, “Open to Inspection: Using Reverse Engineering to Uncover Software Prior Art,” 2-part article in New Matter (State Bar of California, Intellectual Property Section), Summer and Fall 2011

Andrew Schulman, “Hiding in Plain Sight: Using Reverse Engineering to Uncover Software Patent Infringement,” Intellectual Property Today, November 2010

Andrew Schulman, “These 15 Claim Chart Mistakes Can Kill Your Chances to Win Litigation” published at GreyB